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Notice how some people in your neighbourhood seem to have just been "blessed" by the lawn gods? You try year in, year out to replicate their results and you end up with a patchy yard. Sure, you could hire a professional to handle your yard, but it's a point of pride.

But instead of it being a lack of skill, it might be that you're using the wrong kind of grass for your yard. Here we're going to talk about how ground temperature effects your grass and how you can make the most of your yard year round.

Understand Warm and Cool Season Grasses

The ground temperature of your lawn can be affected by everything from the slope of a hill to the amount of trees and shade you have, but depending on what kind of grass you have on your lawn this can work for or against you.

This is one of those situations where it pays to hire a landscape architect, if only to pick their brain. They're going to be able to look over your property and recommend exactly what kind of speciality grass is going to find a happy home in your yard.

Warm season grasses like St. Augustine and Bermuda don't always fare so well in the GTA, even with the warm summers we've been experiencing. Cool season grasses may suffer in the height of the Canadian summer, but through the rest of the year blue fescue and even perennial ryegrass can do really well in your yard. The point is not to force a plant that's just not meant for our climate onto your lawn.

Plant Your Grass at the Right Time

If you want a lush green yard, even with cool season grasses, you're going to want to make sure you plant it at just the right time. Cool season grasses will need to be planted in early fall so that its roots can get deep enough before the freeze hits.

Roots of warm season grasses like St. Augustine can die at temperatures below 55F/12.7C, so even if you plant it in the spring it may not come back (or worse, come back patchy) the next year. Planting warm season grasses too early in the spring before temperatures level out can give you the same look, all summer long.

Should You Get an Expert?

If you really want the lawn of your dreams, if you want that curb appeal that people love, you might want to get expert help. While it might be too late to plant those warm season spring grasses, it's not too late to plan ahead for the fall. Many are even planting mixes so they have a nice lawn in both cool and warm weather (even if it's covered by snow).

While we're not the authority on lawns (thanks Google!), we are the authority on homes. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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