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Gillian Cockroft teaches us some interesting facts about the old Brantwood Survey. Watch to learn more.


I’m here to introduce you to the Brantwood survey. Now, the reason I've got notes is because this is a copy of the old marketing for the Brantwood survey. Now, survey is an old word for subdivision. This was the Brantwood subdivision just north of that spruce up there. And the other side is the Tuxedo Park survey. I think it's neat. So, Brantwood survey goes from Allen Street, past this spruce to Lakeshore.

The reason I have the notes, is because I really I want to quote some of the statements from the brochure that I know you'll find amusing and interesting. This was basically farm land and it was started in nineteen ten. South of that is Oakville as you guys all know. Now this was named in honor of the heroic Chief Brant, a Mohawk Chief.

It's rich in historic and scenic interests of a bountiful nature transformed into a modern suburban residential district of stately maples, oaks and majestic pines. In fact, there used to be an oak tree in the middle of Douglas Avenue.

Now, again, the brochure here, “you may enjoy the seclusion and privacy of country life”.

And in fact, “in Brantwood, one may keep a cow and some chickens; you could imagine yourself to be 100 miles away from city streets and noise”.

But in 1910, “it's only a 36 minute trip by rail and an hour by motor”. Which seems to be about the same!

Social life in Brantwood. Here everybody knows everybody and life can be described as one continuous round of leisure with little garden functions, tennis matches and coaching parties, motor and boating trips, bridge and bowling. Summer sports are bathing, canoeing , while in Winter it’s skating and curling.

Now we're at the bottom of Allen street and the reason I'm showing you these homes, is because we have an old photograph of them under construction. As you probably know its historical lots are very similar. The Brantwood survey lots average 50 by 150 feet. And according to the brochure, water pipes have been put down and “Brantwood enjoys the purest water in Ontario” as “the supply comes from three fourths of a mile out in the middle of the lake”.

“It has a thoroughly modern sewage system which has been contructed. The air is pure and invigorating and gentle breezes ensures a sound a refreshing sleep”, which, according to the brochure, is “so essential to the brain worker”. A 50 foot lot can be bought at ten dollars a foot.

However, now you can buy your own lots. You can buy a lot and half or you can buy two lots. If you construct your own home there is a covenant that says any building constructed on the land must be of cash value of not less than $4000. You've got to build a posher house than that (pointing at a home behind her). I've just been talking with some neighbors, as we've been wandering around doing this and Kirsten, who's the hands behind the camera was telling him that she's receiving a history lesson, which in a way it is as this area is beginning to see a resurgence in people wishing to live and buy down here and they're buying more than just a house. You buy a whole history.

Oh, you just missed the rabbit. Now, here we are back at the top of Douglas at this little white house. This is my residence built in 1910 and full of character.

Like all of these homes, people are now becoming aware that there is so much to be gained from having a unique home in a fantastic area.

We have a mix of children, young adults, older adults, grannies, you name it. People walk everywhere. It's a beautiful pedestrian area.

And. I just want everyone to know this.


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