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High-tech homes are in increased demand as homeowners are becoming more tech-focused when shopping for their dream home. Take a look at the modern home features that make homes sell fast these days!

Classy In-Home Amenities

Game Room

Ultimate convenience is one way to have a sophisticated home. A home with a gaming room, a home theatre, library, and gym are what luxury home buyers are looking for. Why leave your home when you can have everything you need under your own roof?

Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living

Indoor common areas are great to have, but luxury home buyers are looking for the extraordinary. A well-integrated outdoor space that flows seamlessly from the indoor living spaces is a must. This can be a lanai area or an outdoor dining area that connects with the main dining room or the kitchen.

Top-of-the-Line Kitchen


Upscale kitchens are not only functional but are also sophisticated in aesthetics. Key features are lots of counter space, modern appliances, a kitchen island, plenty of storage, and layered lighting. A double oven and more than 4 cooking hubs are expected too.

High-Quality Craftsmanship


Small details have a huge impact when they are done right. Built-in bookshelves, seamless cabinetry, energy-efficient windows, and countless other details all speak of the effort that went into building the home.

Relaxing Bathrooms


The bathroom is the most intimate room in the home and often serves a haven for washing away the stresses of the day. A truly luxury bathroom should have a spa-like feel and have a shower, a soaking tub, heated floors, and a steam room. Huge plus points for a good view and large windows!

Fully Modernized Security Systems

A fully protected home is a must for luxury home buyers, even better if the security systems can be monitored remotely and easily updated as needed. 24/7 security cameras are a must, as well as alarm systems and a thorough review by security professionals.

Well-designed Closets


There’s no room for cramped closets in modern luxury homes. There should be a space for a vanity, as well as appointed spaces for accessories, shoes, clothes, and collectibles. A well-designed closet isn’t just for storage but should also a pleasing private retreat in a huge luxury home.

Latest Smart Home Technology

Owners of luxury homes want complete control over their home. Take advantage of the latest technological advancements for home security such as intelligent systems that can be programmed to check security with AI and let the homeowner control details remotely. Remember, temperature, lighting, and even locks can be accessed and controlled with a smartphone these days.

Luxury home buyers are looking for the best home features that money can buy. They want convenience, comfort, and customizations that suit their exact needs. If you’re someone planning to buy a luxury home in Oakville, you can find the amenities and features mentioned above in most of our available Oakville homes. Contact us to schedule a viewing at your earliest convenience!

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