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Designing and decorating your kids’ bedrooms can be quite a challenge, but it can be fun as well! Imagine having the ‘license’ to go a little bit crazy as far as designing and decorating goes. Wouldn’t you be excited too?

We are! And we are super thrilled to share with you the following steps to create a fun and practical space for your little ones! Here they are:

Choose the Colour Scheme and Bed First



Hey, it won’t be a bedroom without a bed! The bed is often the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom and it anchors the whole space, therefore making choosing the bed one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make. Choose a bed or beds that can grow with your kids. Single beds are great, and so are bunk beds if space is a bit scarce. Another way to maximise space is to opt for beds with storage drawers underneath the mattress.

Choosing the colour scheme is a great way to involve your kids in designing and decorating their bedrooms. You’d want a colour scheme based on neutrals and accented by your little one’s favourite color or colours. This is a fool-proof way of having a room that can transition well into their more mature years or should you decide to convert the room into another space when your child moves out later.

Add Interesting Layers



Rugs, linens, and window treatments make up a large part of a room’s appeal, and this is especially true for kids’ bedrooms, with a little bit of extra tweaking. Go for rugs that are easy to clean and durable, as kids can get messy when at play. As for window treatments, you can choose more colourful ones that are suited to the kid’s personality and favourite color. Don’t go design crazy and mix wallpapered walls with bold window treatments. One is enough and should complement the rugs and linens. Speaking of bed linens, feel free to incorporate fun designs and texture to really make the room shine!

Make Things Interesting


Ever wanted a full wall to scribble on? Then this is your chance to paint a wall with some chalkboard paint and let your kids doodle their afternoons away. Bonus points? You can come in and create your very own masterpieces too when no one’s looking!

Amp Up Your Storage!


Kids outgrow things so fast and need loads of new things that you will soon run out of storage if you forgot to add in plenty of it when designing the bedroom. Avoid clutter by having a lot of built-in storage as well as open shelving for knick-knacks and all of your kids’ stuff.

Don’t Skimp on the Finishing Touches


Framed photos, artwork, a doll house, or a teepee all makes for a room that your child can call his or her own. These are easily upgraded and can be passed on to a younger child as well. Why not ask your kiddo for some ideas for the finishing touches? As long as your kid does not ask for a live dinosaur, this will be a win!

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