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If you’re wondering what the priciest homes in Toronto are… you might be surprised! While we specialize in Oakville luxury real estate, many of our clients come in from Toronto looking for a better deal and a better place to live. Here we’re going to talk about the most expensive home in Toronto (a whopping 9,000 square foot, 9 bedroom condo valued at almost $30m!), a 40,000 square foot home in Toronto’s “Multi-Millionaire Row”, which is more like a palace and another smaller palace in the same neighbourhood with its own indoor swimming pool, sauna, wine cellar and even a climate controlled garage.

The Most Expensive Home is…..

A condo! Surprise, surprise! A $28m condo at that, with over 9000 square feet, 9 bedroom and a fantastic view of Bay Street – the prime place to be in Toronto. This makes it one of the most expensive condos you’ll find in Canadian history, but you’ll find multi-million dollar homes in Oakville as well. Most of these will be lakeshore properties with high acreages, equestrian estates, getaways for people that are sick of the hustle and bustle. But this condo comes with its own elevator, cinema, salon, gym and even an astounding indoor pool probably add to the purchase price.

Multi-Millionaire Row

The other two homes in our most expensive list are in Toronto’s “Multi-Millionaire Road”, where $10m+ homes are the standard. These palatial paradises have just about everything you could want in a home. Would you want to live somewhere with an indoor courtyard, complete with an orchard? Think of it like living inside a giant glass bubble – a huge atrium with a giant indoor swimming pool, a full spa, an indoor tennis court, even your own bowling alley and 13 bathrooms with a  home theatre! What would you do with a house like that?

Some of these homes have limestone flooring, advanced wine cellars, saunas, car elevators and more! But most home buyers aren’t looking for THIS much luxury in their home – but if you are you should know that some of the top 10 most expensive homes in the GTA are Oakville luxury real estate. You’ll be able to find lakefront estates with full equestrian facilities. If you’re looking for castles, two story fireplaces and more, you should check out what we have to offer in Oakville!

Why Look in Toronto When You Can Live Here?

Let’s face it, Toronto is loud, the traffic can be awful and the glare from all those glass sky scrapers has a cumulative effect. Oakville on the other hand offers exclusivity, an environmentally conscious community and some of the best homes you’ll find around. Many of the luxury communities are close enough to transport, so you can commute every day without having to take a long drive – so why not check out what Oakville luxury real estate has to offer you today? Let us, the experienced Goodale Miller team help you find the home you’ve always wanted.

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