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Ontario is moving to put a stop to “phantom bids”, in a move that would allow sellers to custom fit how much they pay in fees to agents, depending on what they actually need from a realtor. This way if you’re buying or selling a home you’ll be able to make sure that you’re getting what you need from your Oakville luxury realtor (us!) without having to bundle in a lot of services that you just don’t need. A lot of the new rules will be a repeat of what’s already in the RECO rules (Real Estate Council of Ontario), but they’ll also put a stop to phantom bids.

What are Phantom Bids?

Phantom bids are a nice way of saying fake bids. If a house or even an antique is up for auction, some people related to the auction house or the seller will use these to get people excited about a hum-drum property. A lot of buyers will see that the price of the house has gone up by $100,000, that must mean it’s desirable, right?! Wrong. It’s a dirty trick that’s used by people who can’t figure out how to sell a home any other way, and the last thing you want when you’re buying a home is worrying about if the person you’re bidding against is real or a phantom.

Are Phantom Bids a Problem?

They’re apparently enough of a problem throughout Ontario that this law may pass. The Star ran a poll about 5 years ago with 30 randomly selected realtors from around the area; over 2/3rds of them believed that there was some phantom bidding happening throughout the market.

The last thing buyers need to worry about is getting into a bidding war with themselves – imagine bidding on luxury Oakville homes for sale and paying double just because someone was unscrupulous! It’s just not acceptable, even if it only happens 1% of the time.

How Will They Stop Phantom Bids?

The new proposed legislation will make it so that all new offers on a property have to be received in writing – meaning you can’t just phone in your bid. This might slow things down a little, but it’s better to be safer than sorry when it comes to this sort of thing. A more transparent bidding process benefits just about everyone – except for the scammers. Buyers and sellers both will have a better choice when it comes to what they pay and what they get, and it might even spur a little extra creativity in the market.

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