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Most people dream of buying a home or two to call their own, but simply owning several homes is just a drop in the ocean compared to owning an entire city – if you happen to be a billionaire, that is. Here is the list of the top 5 billionaires who can buy all the homes in your city if they ever wanted to.

The Walton Family - $154.8 Billion


With pooled assets worth over $150 billion, the Walmart heirs would have no problem buying all the homes in some of the largest cities in America such as Atlanta, Miami, Portland, Washington D.C., Dallas or Seattle, with a few billions left to their name after all that city-shopping. Owning the largest chain of retail stores in the US sure doesn’t hurt!

The Koch Brothers - $86.0 Billion


Oil is indeed the black gold for the Koch brothers. With a combined wealth of more than $85 billion, they could easily buy Atlanta and still have around $8 billion in change. It’s a great thing that they share some of that fortune by helping their favorite charities and pet causes.

Bill Gates - $77.5 Billion


The richest single person in the world and with a worth of more than $77 billion, Bill Gates can own every home in Boston if he wanted to. Yes, buy all the 114, 212 townhouses, condos and  family homes in Boston with about a billion left in his bank account as pocket change. Being a smart cookie and a technology nerd really pays off, especially if you own Microsoft!

Warren Buffet - $63.5 Billion


Perhaps the most successful and famous investor of all time, Warren Buffet can indulge in a ‘buy-what-city-you-like-buffet’ with his billions. Charlotte North Carolina is one city he can certainly purchase if he feels inclined to do so.

Michael Bloomberg - $31.8 Billion


Philanthropist, entrepreneur and politician Michael Bloomberg may no longer be NYC’s mayor, but he can buy the whole Anaheim California area with a few hundred millions of dollars in spare change, enough to buy several luxury mansions too!

The net-worths used in this article is from the redfin article about the top 30 billionaires who can buy entire cities which was inspired from the forbes list of billionaires. In the top 10 of the list are some of the world –wide-web’s most notable personas such as google’s Larry Page at top 6,’s Jeff Bezos at top 7 and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg at top 8. Also making it to the top 10 are Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Nike’s Phil Knight. It is interesting to note that in the list of the top 30 billionaires, the field most represented is the digital and computer world, which reflects what seems to be the best careers to invest in for those who dream of making it big like these billionaires.

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