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 “A man’s home is his castle” - we’ve all heard this terribly outdated phrase - but what if your home really is a castle? And not just any castle, but one of the world’s most expensive castles? Granted, there are dilapidated castles you can buy for the same price as a decent condo in Downtown Toronto, BUT what about the exceptional castles?

What about the ones that have been rehabbed, ones with storied pasts - those that are fit for kings? These can go for millions and millions of dollars. Let’s check ‘em out!

Bavaria’s Schloss Neistein Castle: $2.5m

Why not have your own pretty little Bavarian castle - that’s probably what Nicholas Cage asked himself before he bought it back in 2006. He eventually renovated it and sold it a few years later to a German attorney.

The original Schloss Neidstein Castle is in ruins, estimated to have first been inhabited by the Brandt family in 1466. It was destroyed (information on this is a bit sketchy) and the current castle was built in 1513. In the late 70s an American judge inherited its archives, 28 rooms and 9,688 square feet sitting on 400 acres.

America’s Belcourt Castle: $3.6m

You don’t have to fly all the way to Bavaria to buy a castle; the Belcourt Castle in Rhode Island is supposedly haunted with a history dating back to 1894. Intended as a summer cottage, it was designed by the architect Richard Morris Hunt. It has over 60 rooms, an English library, music room, French Gothic ballroom and is stuffed to the brim with antiques.

It was purchased in 2012 by a jewelry designer; from 1950 until recently it was a historic landmark and museum that offered haunted castle tours. It features the infamous “haunted chair” that throws you out if you try to sit on it (probably a legend started by someone’s great aunt that couldn’t bear to part with a chair).

Seton Castle, Scotland’s Most Expensive Home: $8m

This 18th century castle is dubbed “Scotland’s Most Expensive Home” - and it’s expected that its value will double or even triple in the next decade. The castle stands on the ruins of Seton Palace, which was demolished in the late 18th century. It was eventually rebuilt with stone from the original palace.

It was bought on the condition that it be kept a private residence, not a hotel or a museum. It was designed by the renowned architect Robert Adams; it has 14 bedrooms, stables, library and other amenities sitting on a 20 acre estate.

The Most Expensive Castle Ever Sold: $68m

The Ashford Castle in Ireland is actually the oldest standing catle in Ireland. It was first constructed in 1228, and each century new wings were added on; in 1852 two Victorian style extensions were added onto the property.

During WW2 it was sold to the Irish government to settle debts, and in the 70s it was sold to a developer and transformed into a luxury castle. It was sold for $50m in 2007 but in 2013 it was sold again for $27m, half of its original value. Today its value is estimated at $68m, and is one of the most expensive hotels.

You won’t find many castles in the GTA, but we can help you find a castle of your own (or help you sell the one you already own! Give us a call today and see what the professional, friendly realtors on the Goodale Miller Team can do for you.

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