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When you’re looking at Oakville homes for sale, you need to be on the lookout. People are selling this house for a reason and it’s up to you to know what kind of reasons are leading them to sell the house. Has the neighbourhood gone downhill, or are they just retiring? Is everything on the up and up? There’s so many things that you have to think about before buying real estate, and here we’re going to go over a few things to check out before you put in your bid.

Where Did All the Neighbours Go?

Don’t be afraid to walk around a neighbourhood before you move in and talk to people. If many of the homes are vacant, this is where one of our team comes in handy. With a Goodale Miller Oakville real estate agent we’ll be able to see if there are new things slated for development in the neighbourhood, if half the homes are on the market and other indicators that this is not the place you want to live.

Just because you don’t see many “for sale” signs does not mean that the homes are on the market. Check out our guide to choosing the right neighbourhood so you can make sure you’ve found the best fit for your needs and lifestyle.

How Does House the Look?

In many cases the exterior of the home can tell you much more than the interior. Check out the gutters and see if they’re clear. Does the yard slope towards the house where rain and snow run off can collect? If you’re working without a realtor you will probably be going off online pictures that will show the house in the best light. Many sellers simply won’t pay attention to the outside of the home so you’ll be able to figure out how much maintenance these owners have provided and how much you’ll be left with.

Get an Inspector

First ask for a HERS (Home Energy Audit) so you can understand how energy efficient the home is. Have a home inspector go through the house and see what kind of problems there are that you may face as a buyer. Also have a pest inspector look over the home; pest and home inspectors are two separate things and you’ll want reports from both of them to ensure that the house is the right house for you.

Don’t Buy Without Us!

Buying a home without one of our experienced realtors at The Goodale Miller Team is a bad idea. You want to make sure you’re getting the right house for you and your needs. You want to make sure that if you’re buying a home you’re not paying more than you should, and most importantly that it works for you. There are so many different kinds of homes and you need help to get the right one!

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