Posted 10.9.12 @ 15:40 by: Staff

These three things, which we’ll never say, are the deciding factor when choosing the right Oakville luxury realtor! Most of us just don’t buy homes all that often (maybe once in our lives, twice if we’re lucky), and it can be hard to figure out if the person showing you Oakville homes for sale is the one you want to be working with. Here we’re going to go over how to spot a good Oakville real estate agent, so let’s get started.

“This is the First Time I’ve Shown a House!”

While you might save on commissions, you’re not going to have the benefits an experienced Oakville luxury realtor will give you. When you choose us, you won’t get a realtor that’s greener than the perfectly manicured lawns you’re being shown. Do you really want to be a learning experience for someone else? No one does, and that’s why you should never work with someone showing Oakville homes for sale for the first time. You deserve better, choose the Goodale Miller team!

“If You’re Looking for a Good Deal on Your Mortgage, I’m a Mortgage Broker Too!”

Yes, the diversified Oakville luxury realtor that won’t just help you find a new home, but they’ll get you financing for it too. Wouldn’t you rather just work with someone who wants to help you buy or sell Oakville real estate instead of earn a bonus commission off financing the house? You can be spread too thin, and with it comes to being an Oakville luxury realtor you want to focus on the house first. Work with someone like us that’s interested in finding you the perfect home, not just the perfect loan.

“Let’s Take Your Car!”

This may be a red flag if your realtor wants to take your car every time. If an Oakville real estate agent can’t afford their own car, are they really selling homes? Do they know what they’re doing? While an agent can drive you around to look at homes, many will meet you at the Oakville home for sale so you can check it out. Don’t be afraid to look for a new realtor if they’re not even able to get to a showing on their own. We know buying and selling Oakville luxury homes can be tough, you don’t need worries about chauffeuring your agent around added to it.

If you want to buy luxury real estate, Oakville gives you plenty of choices. From beautiful condos to the most luxurious estates, you’ll find it here. If you want to learn more, let us help! We’re experienced in all things Oakville real estate and we can help match you up with the home you’ve always wanted but never knew you did. You can contact us today and see what you can get when you choose the Goodale Miller team for your Oakville luxury real estate needs.

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