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Even big kitchens have a tendency to look and feel cramped as the busiest and most-used room in the house. It needs a lot of organization and storage without looking stuffed with clutter. Below are our tips and tricks on how to get a bigger looking kitchen.

Go for a Slimmer Fridge

Tips for Bigger Kitchen

Not every household needs a wide double door fridge when a slimmer fridge may be enough for a home’s refrigeration needs. More often than not, a 28 inch-wide fridge may provide more than enough food storage and is better for energy consumption too than 36 inch-wide ones.

Ditch Double Sinks

Tips for Bigger Kitchen2

A double sink may look good on kitchen plans but may ultimately be not needed and only result in less counter space and storage space. A single sink or one with a slim second bowl may just be as good and free up space for other uses.

Try Shallow Cabinets

Tips for Bigger Kitchen3

Shallow cabinets provide extra space to store away items that may otherwise take up counter space. Slimmer cabinets will provide more floor space and might be a good idea if there is no need for deep cabinets for which the back is often not used anyway.

Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

Tips for Bigger Kitchen4

Switching the common tile backsplash to one that is made with mirrors can enhance lighting in the kitchen as well as create the illusion that the kitchen is bigger than it actually is.

Install a Compact Dishwasher

Tips for Bigger Kitchen5

Condo size dishwashers perform just as well as standard size ones and the space saved can be turned into a decent size cabinet for other essentials.

Go for Panel Appliances

Tips for Bigger Kitchen6

A seamless look can help brighten up a room as well as create the illusion of extra space. This can be achieved with the use of panel appliances; which, while not cheap, is worth every dollar for the beauty and sophistication they bring.

Try a Few Open Shelves

Tips for Bigger Kitchen7

While open shelves may not be practical for some, creating negative space can make a room feel roomier. To achieve this in a small kitchen, use other cabinets to their full extent and leave a few open shelves in strategic locations. 

Remove Some of Your Hardware

Tips for Bigger Kitchen8

Touch activated latches mean fewer things to bump into and more uniformity for your cabinets, giving your kitchen a seamless look.

Go Easy on the Backsplash

Tips for Bigger Kitchen9

Though backsplashes look great in kitchens and have a functional use, too much contrast between spaces and colours in the walls can create visual clutter. Try a shorter backsplash or one that blends easily with the walls. Another option is to simply tile the entire wall for a uniform appearance.

Light Your Cabinets

Tips for Bigger Kitchen10

Installing lighting under, inside, and above cabinets will not only be great for functionality but will drastically improve the appearance of your kitchen. Good lighting is key to decreasing shadows and making your kitchen feel lighter and roomier.

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