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Making guests feel at home takes a lot of understated effort. One of the keys to making your guests to feel at home is to add some personal touches to your guest bathroom and yet keep aesthetics elegant and charming to retain a luxury vibe.

Aside from showing your guests where bathroom necessities are, you’ll want to prepare your guest bathroom way before you have guests over. If you’re not sure how to prepare a luxury guest bathroom for your guests, just read our tips below.

Make Sure Essentials Are on Hand

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You can buy the same toiletries you use for your guests and just have them ready at your guest bathroom for when they stay over. Aside from the toiletries that you usually buy, make sure that you have several extra toothbrushes, some tampons and sanitary napkins, disposable laundry bags, extra bedroom slippers, a basic comb, extra razors, and maybe a set of unscented products for guests with sensitive skin.

Prepare Guest Storage Space

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A few empty drawers in the guest bedroom would be ideal but don’t forget that guests also need storage in the guest bathroom. Provide empty baskets or a trolley for your guests to use. If you have guests that are staying for longer than a night, hangers and a small laundry basket will be much appreciated too.

Don’t Forget Hotel-Style Amenities

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Don’t you love staying in hotels where almost everything that you need has been thought of? Think of treating your guests with a hotel-like experience by going a bit extra on your presentation! You can prepare a welcome toiletry basket and maybe provide a robe. Small touches like this will make you an awesome host.

Stock Up on Toilet Paper

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It will be so awkward if you run out of toilet paper when you have guests over. To avoid this scenario, make sure that the guest bathroom has a separate stash of toilet paper. This way, you won’t have to rummage through your own stash when guests come over.

Prepare a Hairdryer for Your Guests

Having a hairdryer in the guest bathroom will surely be appreciated by guests. If you have other extra hair tools such as a hair straightener, a waxing kit, and maybe styling products, feel free to leave some in your guest bathroom.

Don’t Skimp on the Towels

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Have a dedicated stash of clean towels for your guest bathroom. Even better if you have at least two sets of different towels just in case you have multiple unexpected guests who weren’t able to bring their own. Guest towels will last a while because they won’t get much use. Buy the fluffy thick white towels that are reminiscent of hotels and consider it as an investment.

Can’t Go Wrong with Fresh Flowers

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Flowers can brighten almost anyone’s mood and they can certainly make your guests feel even more welcome in your home. Add some flowers not only in your guest bedroom but also your guest bathroom. You’ll be everyone’s favorite host!

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