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Even experts commit interior design mistakes that are bordering the unforgivable, but just because making mistakes in interior design is quite common, that doesn’t mean that you have to commit the same mistakes. After all, not all designer tips that increase home value are guaranteed to do the same for you. Read on below to avoid falling victim to common interior design mistakes yourself!

Forgetting to Plan Before Shopping

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Furniture isn’t cheap. You won’t want to buy what you liked at first glance only to find out later that it doesn’t fit your space. It is best to have an idea how you want things to be plus know each rooms’ measurements before shopping for furniture and décor.

Buying Paint First

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It is easier (and cheaper) to buy furniture, textiles, and fabrics first and then buying matching paint colour later than to do it the other way around.

Refusing to Ask for Advice

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Even design experts make mistakes, so why not ask for another opinion when something doesn’t sit well with you? Even advice from a stylish friend (not necessarily an expert) will help a lot!

Giving in to Nostalgia

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You don’t have to keep every piece of décor or furniture that’s been passed down to you by your relatives. Only keep the ones you really love and either put the rest in storage or let someone else in the family inherit those.

Not Thinking of Scale

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Scale is what balances things out. No matter how gorgeous a painting is, it won’t look right if you hang it on the wrong wall or next to furniture that dwarfs it. Placing furniture that are too small in a large room can make the room feel unwelcoming and doing the opposite can make the room feel cluttered.

Hanging Art Without A Plan

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Drilling holes and putting up pegs to hang artwork from without planning or spacing them out is a disaster for your walls. Plan them out in paper before hammering or drilling away!

Going Too Matchy-Matchy

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A home that has everything matching will look like you’ve exerted no effort in giving it character and simply bought everything from a catalogue. Make your home truly your own by not always going for matching things rather by what you like.

Putting All Collections on Display

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While collecting things can be very rewarding, it would be a mistake to try to display everything because that will only result to visual clutter. Try to showcase them in arranged groupings or just have a specific area for your collection if you really want to put them on display.

Neglecting to Have a Main Focal Point

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Even small rooms need a focal point. It allows you to design and structure the room easier and defines the room’s function.

Hiding Who You Are

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Your home is yours, it should feel and look like that. There is a big difference between injecting your home with your personality and filling it to the brim with knick knacks so be sure to not go overboard and you’ll be fine.

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