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Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. It nourishes your body so you can face the day and be the awesome person that you are. However, not everyone gets to have breakfast or may not be into it. For the new breed of professionals, brunch is the new start of the day meal. So where does an Oakvillian go for the best brunch choices? We’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Best Brunch Spots in Oakville as Seen in Urbanspoon below.

#1 Best Oakville Brunch Spots – Liquid Nutrition


With the popularity of smoothies and gluten-free options making it one of the best brunch places, Liquid Nutrition tops the list with their divine liquid concoctions which are not only delicious, but are vegan-friendly and health-friendly too. People line up to get a taste of their 3 day cleanse juices, making going to Liquid Nutrition a great option not just for brunch but other meals of the day too.

#2 Best Oakville Brunch Spots – Canadian Bacon Eatery


Budget and kid friendly delicious meals and glorious bacon places Canadian Bacon Eatery at the number two spot. The only downside for this brunch spot is the fact that it is closed on Mondays – a crime for the bacon-loving public!

#3 Best Oakville Brunch Spots – Kerr Street Café


An explosion of flavors will envelope your taste buds at Kerr Street Café. Hailed as 3rd in the best brunch spots in Oakville, the café’s specialty are their breakfast options such as their much raved about French toast and eggs benny. Though considered to be a bit on the pricey end, the food and the cappuccino are hands down absolute winners in the brunch department according to patrons’ reviews.

#4 Best Oakville Brunch Spot – Stoney’s & Sunset Grill


We have a tie between Stoney’s Bread Company and Sunset Grill for the 4th spot in the best brunch places in Oakville list. Stoney’s Bread Company has awesome sandwiches and Sunset Grill apparently has the best bacon in Oakville. Don’t take our word for it. The only way to find out is to sample the menu at both places. If you are a carb fanatic, then Stoney’s Bread Company will definitely capture your heart! All bread and dough used for their menu are made by them and guaranteed to be fresh every day. For a hearty brunch with eggs, bacon, hash and everything else, Sunset Grill would surely satisfy more than a brunch’s worth of appetite.

#5 Best Oakville Brunch Spots – Artisano & El Spero


Another tie is for the 5th spot in the best brunch places in Oakville list is between Artisano Bakery Café and El Spero Resturant and Tavern. Artisano Bakery Café boasts of mouth-watering sandwiches and pizzas. El Espero Restaurant and Tavern has been giving the residents of Oakville awesome food for decades and is known for their huge portion sizes. For a hearty brunch, you really can’t go wrong going at either Artisano or El Spero.

Brunches and other gastronomic feasts tastes a lot better when freshly made. Find out how you can own a luxury home near the best brunch spots in Oakville by getting in touch with us now!

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