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It’s the beginning of summer everyone! How’s your preparation going? With all the excitement building up for summer, let’s not forget to prepare our dwellings for the new season, and we’ve got the list for you below.

1 - Deck Your Kitchen with Summer Goodies!


Hey, it is time to bring out the juicer, prime the ice cream maker, and put on mouth-watering displays of the season’s juiciest produce. Oh, and don’t forget to declutter the pantry and cupboards to make room for this season’s hoards. For a sun-shiny kitchen, some fresh flowers in shades of cream and yellow should do the trick.

2 - Revisit Your Home Maintenance Checklist


Now is the time to catch up on home maintenance. Don’t worry, almost no one finishes all the home maintenance chores in spring, so go ahead and take advantage of the good weather to keep abreast with everything. You can even begin a new project!

3 – Bring Your Shed to Life

Gone are the days when the shed is mostly used to store junk and everything else you may not be needing or using for a while. These days, you can convert your shed into a workshop or an art studio. Maybe even convert it into a potting shed if you’re into gardening. The idea is to use your shed for things you enjoy so that you won’t be likely to fill it with clutter and junk.

4 - Guestroom Makeover


Summer is the time when friends and relatives are most likely to stay with you for a few days so make sure that they feel at home by getting your guestroom or guesthouse ready. This ensures you won’t be dealing with unnecessary last-minute stress if a guest come a-knocking at your door. Make sure you’ve got some extra towels, slippers, fresh sheets, pillows, blankets, a bedside lamp, and some travel-size toiletries. You can even make your guest’s stay extra special by adding candles and having his and her bathroom kits. Who says you can’t be the perfect host?

5 - Stock Up On Summer (Party) Supplies


The following months will be filled with weddings, festivities, graduations, get-togethers and the like, so having some drinks and ready to serve party snacks is always a good idea.

6 - Tidy Up The Kids’ Rooms


Whether your kiddo is moving out to college or just outgrowing clothes and toys, now is the time to sort through things and decide which to keep and which to throw away or donate. Decluttering is really a necessity and is very therapeutic when you have growing children.

7 - Have Fun and Play


Bring out beach toys, board games, and lawn games to play away the long days of summer. If you’re not into them anymore, there are plenty of other people who would no doubt enjoy your stuff so don’t be afraid to let them go either.

8 - Have Dinner Al-Fresco


Barbecues and dinner under the stars, that’s just two of what makes summer so great! Weeknight dinners are extra special when eaten outside, even if it’s just at your porch or yard. You can even add string lights to your yard to give the illusion of fireflies. Hoping for a more romantic take? Add candles!

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