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Planning to sell, buy or remodel your home this year? Then you have to read this entry. We’ve researched the top kitchen looks for 2015 and came up with this list of what’s hot and what’s not for this year.

Paper it Up!

Trendy and beautiful wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to add texture and colour to the kitchen. For this year, the trend is definitely on wallpaper that doubles as art. A beautiful wallpaper should complement the architectural details of your home and yet still stand out. Who wants a boring or dreary kitchen? Certainly not us!

Go For Open Shelving

An inviting and lived-in feel is very much in the vogue these days as far as kitchens are concerned - and the trend is still going strong for 2015. An open shelving gives the kitchen a minimalist and airy look but still manages to make the space feel warm. Definitely a great design look for smaller kitchens too!

Dark is In

We’ve mentioned this before and we’re saying it again, dark and black is in. It seems that the trend of using black or dark cabinetry is not just for the kitchens of the ultra-rich who seldom cooks these days but also for everyone who has a sense of style and sophistication. The trick is to not overdo it. Choose dark cabinets or dark countertops, but refrain from choosing the same colour for both.

Furniture-Style Design Elements and Features

These days, the kitchen is not just a place to cook but is fast becoming the main hub of most homes. It is not surprising then that kitchen elements designed to look or feel just like living-room furniture is one of the biggest kitchen trends for 2015. We’re telling you, it’s all about making the kitchen a homey, inviting, and bright room - a where everyone would be delighted to stay in.

Reign of the Lush Metallics

We sure like stainless steel, chrome, and silver in our kitchens but this year, it will be the year of the rich and warm looking metals. We’re talking about touches of gold, copper, and bronze in the kitchen to add some warmth and depth of character. This applies not only to kitchens but the rest of the home too.

Ceilings with a WOW

No more boring ceilings! This year, the trend is all about making the ceiling a part of the whole picture. Don’t be afraid to add that beautiful wallpaper up in the ceiling or maybe glam it up with some exquisite light fixture.

Mix of the Old and New

If you’ve been to furniture stores lately or perhaps the website pinterest, you may have noticed that more and more people are incorporating old or traditional style in their modern homes. Don’t be afraid to use old farm doors or replace some kitchen elements with wood. The idea is to create an inviting space which is full of character. Think Shaker style meets Paris glam.

Touch-Me Textures

Raw finishes, new materials, and a lot of looking-so-good-you-just-have-to-touch-it things are one of the trends to look out for this year. Rough wood and old textured furniture pieces are in vogue and shiny smooth finishes are a thing of the past.

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