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Toronto’s real estate market is beginning to cool down hard, but luxury Oakville real estate is still roaring strong. So does this mean that all those Oakville homes for sale are about to bottom out in price? One of the most important factors for the drop in sales in Toronto homes is the fact that people are looking outside the city for homes. Not as many people are buying condos in Toronto proper but more and more people are going out and looking for condos in Oakville. It’s all just a matter of perspective!

Why Aren’t People Buying?

People want to buy a good old fashioned house, and they always want to find a good deal. No one is going crazy selling off all the condos they can, but they are buying a few less than they did before.  These reports came in August, one of the slowest months in the year (every year) in real estate. September and October are the busiest parts this half of the year, so if they continue to be slow it could be the start of a trend.

A Buyer’s Market?

Figuring out if it’s a buyer’s market or a seller’s market is never easy, but sometimes they’re one and the same. The average price for a home Toronto has hit almost $800,000, while a Oakville real estate will run you around $550,000 to $600,000. It’s a pretty big drop, and that’s why so many people are flocking here to get a great home.

What do You Want?

Like everything, what you want is going to reflect in the price of your Oakville real estate. Maybe you want a beautiful little family home, a cottage on the lake or even an exclusive estate. Whatever you’re looking for, you need to figure it out before you start looking for a home. Make a list of how many rooms, the essential features you have to have in a home. Once you have this down, you’ll be able to look at different houses online ( is a great place to start). After that it’s time to find an Oakville realtor who knows what they’re doing. That means us!

Let Us Help!

When you want luxury Oakville homes for sale, you need an expert. You need someone who knows how homes get sold and what you need to look for. When you choose to work with us you get someone who understands what it takes to buy a home and how to sell it. Whatever side of the fence you happen to be on, we’ll be there to help you. Since listings are also down, there’s a steady inventory that keeps prices from yo-yoing up and down.

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