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Colour has an astounding impact on everything in our daily lives – from buying a certain make of car to clothing and what homes we’ll buy… if you’re selling or looking at Oakville luxury homes for sale it’s important to really understand what colour psychology will do to your home. From neutral blues that make a room understated by trustworthy to uplifting and motivating orange, here we’ll learn what part colours play and how you can turn them to your advantage. Let’s get started!

What Colours Say

  • Red – Red is a positive power, determination, and rarely used as the only colour in a room. The colour of passion, ambition and determination, you usually find this in a more male oriented environment.
  • Pink – Love, intimacy, compassion; all of these things make pink a good color for women and girls.
  • Purple – Imagination, and when paired with its friend green, something very interesting! Studies, children’s playrooms and more are often purple.
  • Blue – While it might feel like a sad colour, it’s also honest, understated, and trustworthy. This is a great colour for entryways and an excellent neutral tone for an open house.
  • Green – A little green can go a long way when it comes to making a statement. It rides the balance between blue and yellow, giving you the benefits of both without being too loud. It’s also Pantone’s colour of the year!
  • Yellow – Fun, imagination, creativity and joy, all of these are what yellow embodies as a colour. Neutral yellows can make any room pop in an open house.
  • Orange – Work, optimism, hope, creation, growth; orange has a big job to fill and few of us ever give it the time of day as a colour.

Depending on what you’re looking for in Oakville luxury homes for sale and what you want, colour is going to have a huge impact on your final decision.

Men and Women See Colour Differently

Did you know that men and women see colour differently? It’s true! Men prefer bold flat stated colours, something that makes an impact and puts them in a certain mindset. Women more often choose tints and chromatic shimmers. Knowing your market before you put up your Oakville luxury homes for sale can make the difference, you should always have an idea of who your buyers are before you start. Don’t know? Hire us, the experienced Oakville luxury realtor you can trust.

Accessories and Style do make the Difference

Presentation paired with colour will make the difference when showing your property. Diverse textures and lengths are the go-to for many female buyers, making them feel more at home. Brown and blue accessories and furnishings will pop (they’re opposite on the colour wheel) for this segment. Male buyers will be attracted more to warm browns, black and greens and natural materials like woods and metals that make a home stand out for them.

Whatever you do, know your buyer before you start. We’ll work with you to help you get your home where it needs to be (or to help you buy one of your own!) Experience the Goodale Miller team difference and give us  call today!

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