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When you’re trying to buy or sell Oakville real estate, it’s important that you know all you can about the MLS rules! The MLS is an acronym short for the multiple listing services, and with these you’ll be able to find and sell your dream home. There are a lot of rules that go along with the use of the service to make sure that it’s accurate and fair for everyone, so make sure you know before you list! Here we’re going to talk about MLS, so let’s get started!

What is the MLS?

Multiple listing services are what we as realtors use to find homes and where they list them. If you’ve been browsing lately, you’ll see a lot of homes. Everything here is drawn from an MLS source, and this means that it’s a safe place to shop for real estate. You want to be in the safe zone, that way you can avoid scams and other problems that can come up when shopping for a home. But how do you get listed on the MLS, is it hard?

Getting Listed and Finding Homes

This is a quick aside to sellers. When you’re looking at selling your Oakville real estate, you’ll need to know that getting listed means working with a CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) licensed and certified real estate agent or realtor. Not just anyone can list things on the MLS! If someone who isn’t licensed by CREA tells you they can list you on the MLS, walk away. You don’t want to deal with people who are going to list your Oakville real estate on some shady websites that aren’t going to get you the results you need to sell your home. That’s why you want to work with us!

If you’re a buyer, the listing rules help you a lot! You’ll know everything you need to know about a home (if it’s not listed we as Oakville realtors can find out for you). You’ll want to make sure that this is the right home for you, and this means that you’re going to need the MLS. Almost every major website that deals with real estate is going to pull from the MLS. Just because a house is ALSO listed on services like craigslist doesn’t mean it’s a bad house; it should link back to an approved MLS source though so you can look at all that additional data.

Do You Have to Use the MLS?

IF you want to sell your home, you’re going to want to be listed on the MLS. If you were buying a home, you’d want an approved source guided by ethics right? I know I would! When selling your Oakville real estate you’re going to want to project a positive image and that means making sure that your home is in the right places. As Oakville realtors we’ll be able to help you figure out where to market your home for maximum exposure. Make sure you work with a great realtor (like us!) to make the most of your listing!

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