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Ever wonder what that feature wall would look like in a certain wood, maybe a splash of green? Thinking about buying a new sofa but you’re just not sure how it would look in your space? When it comes to luxury real estate you can go crazy trying to make sure that this is the *right* way to go, but there’s an app for that! Now you can play with all your design ideas, all for the price of an Angry Birds update. Drop a waterfall right into your lounge or livingroom, redecorate your bathroom, do whatever – all you need is a smart phone!

Home Design 3D for iOS

If you’re looking for something that gives you the power of a designer in a tablet, you might want to check this one out! It’s a bit hard to learn (to say the least) and you may have to pay for a few extras like furniture – but it’s well worth it. You’ll be able to take 2D photos and create a 3D model that you can take a virtual walk around inside of, just like a 3D virtual home tour.

You’ll be able to try out new windows (literally, as well as window coverings and trims), doorways, floorings, wall coverings, light fixtures and more. Add in exact measurements and more to see what an addition or new patio would really look like. There are some furniture models, but the best ones are add-ons. The learning curve can be a bit steep for this one, but if you want to most control it’s the way to go. Once you’re done you can export it to a full 3D model you can give your designer and view online or on your desktop.

Houzz for Android and iOS

This one is free and it isn’t a full scale 3D program like HD3D. It allows you to browse different style and bookmark which ones you like so you can show your designer (wallpaper, fabric swatches, etc).


Pantone, the colour people, have an app for both Android and iOS. With this app you’ll be able to see what changing the colours of your walls, window treatments, furniture and more will look like. Many a disaster can be averted by taking a good look at what things may look like before you get too invested (emotionally and financially) in a specific idea.

If you’re trying to make sure that you make the most out of your next redesign or remodel, don’t hurt your back – let apps do the heavy lifting. There are so many apps out there that will help you not only plan but find inspiration and design ideas in a fun way. After all, what’s the point in designing if you’re not having a good time?

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