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Organic grocery, organic dry cleaners, organic, organic everywhere – but the more people worry about the health in a given area the better off you’re going to be! Oakville is one of the most environmentally conscious towns in Canada, striking the balance between industry and the environment; so it’s no surprise that when you’re house hunting you’re going to want to keep an eye out for organic services! Depending on your needs different neighbourhoods will suit you much better than others, so if you’re looking for the best environmentally conscious area please let us know when we start working together.

Starbucks and Organic Markets are a Bit Passé

Everyone’s got a Starbucks (or something like it) near their house, organic food is just about everywhere, but how do you tell when your rent or taxes are about to take a big hike? Organic or “all natural” dry cleaners are one of the best ways you can tell things are changing in your neighbourhood. If you’re trying to sell your Oakville real estate, this could be a sign of gentrification and a better price for your home. If you’re buying, it’s proof positive that you’re coming into a neighbourhood that’s in line with your values – but it could be a sign that the prices may go up soon and you should act and save a bundle before it’s too late.

Old Style Dry Cleaners Aren’t that Healthy for the Environment

Over the last 15 years we’ve seen a big jump in “green” or “environmentally conscious” dry cleaners for a very good reason. Traditional dry cleaning (which isn’t always dry by the way, they now use “wet” cleaning for certain fabrics and messes!) requires a lot of solvents, specifically something known as perchloroethylene, or perc. Perc is a known carcinogen, a contributing factor to cancer and not a great friend to the environment.

Perc has been replaced, by greener dry cleaners at least, with hydrocarbons, liquid silicon and more. But natural means anything occurring in nature, and technically since “everything” is derived from somewhere in nature, you could call just about anything “green” or “natural” when it comes to your dry cleaner. If you want to know what’s going into your clothes, the best thing you can ever do is just ask!

Ask What They’re Using

Ask if they’re using perc, and many may still be using it. Another “green” point of contention are reusable dry cleaning bags that you can bring back in with your clothes. Some areas aren’t seeing as much of a demand for green dry cleaners, but they are coming – and when they come to your neighbourhood you have to know that the price for your Oakville real estate is about to take a hike!

Being environmentally conscious comes with a price tag, but Oakville is a sustainable community. Looking for your luxury Oakville home for sale? Give us a call today and let us help you find the one that’s right for you.

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