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We have all read Real Estate blogs that expand upon current property offerings. There are also those that offer design tips and links to the 'latest and greatest' trends, and where to buy them. There are some good ones, and you surely have your favorites as we do. You likely have trusted resources for financial predictions, and the news of the day as well. With this in mind, we have chosen to focus on our niche ~ It's where we live and work, and we know it like no one else! It's Oakville and Burlington, and the year-round events and the special personalities that make our neighbourhoods' unique. We’ll also share interesting information on our local real estate marketplace, providing our readers with overviews of specific areas and what each has to offer.

We’re christening our blog toward the end of a very rainy month of May. However, if there is one thing we know for sure, it’s that Summer IS coming! And from what we’re hearing, it will arrive jam-packed with great things for you to see and do throughout Oakville and Burlington. The Tall Ships will come sailing into Bronte Harbour in June. Soon after, indoor shopping will give-way to sidewalk sales and other outdoor fun. There are great music and arts festivals, annual golf tourneys, farmers markets, kid's camps, events and excursions. Come September, Doors Open Ontario will offer you an opportunity for rare tours of historic sites, and Culture Days will allow you to "participate in activities that celebrate the creative expression of your community." 

 And there's so much more... 

We look forward to introducing you to some of your more interesting neighbours. Many members of our team grew up in your community, and we know a great deal about the people and organizations that make our areas extra special. We’ve worked with these individuals, and served their needs as clients, we have assisted local causes with them, and we’ve enjoyed celebrating important milestones together. We will share their stories with you, as well as their insights into some special interest groups and activities that you may want to take part in. 

So you see, there will be lots for us to write about here, and for you to read. We plan on posting at least twice a month, so we encourage you to bookmark this page, add our blog in your Flipboard app, and be sure to visit often. And please share our posts with your friends and colleagues, as there will certainly be something here for everyone. You won’t be tested – Though we do hope you’ll be challenged to explore all Oakville and Burlington has to offer. 

More Soon…

Pertinent and insightful information on Oakville real estate as well as commentary on current events in our community.