Posted 11.23.12 @ 12:15 by: Staff

If you’re thinking about building a new luxury Oakville home, you’re going to want to look at some of the unique and important lessons that a 1970s home can teach you! Remember that many homes on the market today in the Greater Toronto area were built during this time and they were built to last. Let’s see what they offer and what you don’t want to repeat.

Bigger isn’t Necessarily Better!

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to building and buying luxury Oakville real estate! The average home in the 70s for a family of 4 was between 1500 and 1700 feet; today that’s almost doubled to an average of around 2,500 feet. With bigger homes come bigger lot sizes, higher property taxes, higher utility bills and less room for all the little things that make Oakville luxury homes for sale something you want to buy.

With so many buyers concerned about the environment, you’ll find that if you are going to build your own home that a smaller home is going to be the right thing.

Gables, Dormers and…

One thing that older homes actually have going for them are simple roofs – the more complex your new roof is the harder it can be to spot a problem. If you want to keep repair bills down, you don’t have to have an aluminum roof on your luxury Oakville real estate – but you do need to simplify it. You’re going to want to be able to know when something is wrong with your roof and you’ll be amazed at how much savings you’ll rack up by having less space above for heat to escape from in the winter.

Go Green

It sounds a little passé but green walls and green lawns actually protect your investment. Ivy on the exterior of your Oakville luxury real estate has been shown in a recent study by Oxford University to reinforce the integrity to buildings, not break them down. You’ll be able to protect your walls from pollution, changes in temperature and the elements.

Instead of installing an expensive grass lawn that works against our climate, consider using moss instead. Many great luxury Oakville homes for sale on the market right now are using moss lawns to work with nature and add that green touch. They’re carbon sinks, they don’t need a lot of direct sunlight – and like ivy – they’re protect your property.

There are other ways to make your custom or even luxury Oakville real estate more interesting; awnings, ranch style homes and more can make your home more sustainable and are great lessons to learn from 70s homes. You don’t have to have a 5 storey house to have luxury, but you do want to be careful about what you’re building! People are leaning more towards sustainable and smaller spaces and it’s here to stay.

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