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When you’re trying to move luxury homes for sale, you could have a hard time figuring out just what people really want. First we should take a look at just who is buying homes – from single women to the huge proportion of Gen X and Gen Y buyers out there, you’ll be surprised at just how much people expect when they’re looking at homes. They want man caves with mini theaters and bucket seats, they want smart homes they can control with their smart phones. They want big closets and they’re willing to pay for it, as well as beautiful home office spaces that can convert to another room in a snap.

Hardwood Floors are a Must

Homebuyers love hardwood floors – if you have carpet, you’re going to want to remove it. It can cost a couple hundred bucks to get your floor resurfaced, but you’ll be amazed with the results and the asking prices that come through once you do this! You want to give buyers for your luxury real estate that blank slate to decide whether or not they want carpet. Giving them options helps you sell even the most difficult property, and this way you’ll be able to save big when you don’t have to install new carpet.

Home Offices Are Important

More and more people are working from home, and when you put luxury homes for sale up on the market most are going to expect this amenity. You can easily convert a bedroom into an office with some nice custom shelving – just remember that people who work from home need a lot of light in their home offices! It’ll all come down to how you present a room, just another reason you might want to think about hiring a home stager to get the results you want.

Walk-in Closets are a Thing

Buyers today love walk in closets and they’re willing to pay extra to get them. Don’t be afraid to splurge to make a closet a little bigger. If you can’t make the closets bigger, going with a nice organizational system can go a long way towards making your closets more appealing. Working with a stager and your luxury realtor will help you get some ideas to make the most of your closets – even some fancy hangers can help people make a decision when it comes to your home.

Don’t Skip the Mancave

You don’t want to convert a garage into a mancave, as so many people need a garage for their cars – but if you can show potential you’ll be light years ahead of the competition. You’ll want to think about bars, nice lighting, and great seating. You could go with built in amenities but that could knock out people that want to use a basement or spare bedroom for something else other than a mancave. This is just one of those situations where you have to make a judgment call and hope it works out for the best!

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