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When a buyer is looking for a second home as a recreational real estate property, it can be hard to pin down just what they’re looking for. More than half are looking for a quiet little place by Lake Ontario to relax, while others want a place where they can come visit on the weekend year round (over a third). Over a quarter of people just want a place to boat, fish and enjoy nature. It will really just depend on where your property is located and who is buying in your area.

Is it Their First Recreational Property?

Among first time cottage and recreational Oakville real estate buyers, about 50% are looking for a plae that they can go to on the weekend, every weekend. This means they’re going to want a property they can get snow or shine. Depending on how far off the beaten path your recreational home in Oakville is, you may have a harder time proving that this can be a four season use property. That’s where we come in; we’ll make sure that you’re able to present your property in the best possible light and show the value that the property carries to a full spectrum of customers.

Do They Already Have a Recreational Property?

There are many looking for a second recreational property; those who already have one are looking for peace and quiet more than anything this time around with their Oakville real estate purchase. For these shoppers, you’re going to want to show that the property is a great place to get away to. They may only want to use them in the summer and fall, but they may also be looking for ice fishing in the winter as well. Everyone will be difference, but the thing to emphasize with this market is that the home is a great place to kick back and relax.

Recreational Second Homes are Great!

One of the most vital concerns with these types of homes is affordability (isn’t it always). The properties can range from the mid $100,000 all the way up to $1,000,000; what price they fetch will really depend on location, amenities and of course how the home is presented. They’re a great investment for first time home buyers and for those who just want another property. Since Oakville is growing right now, you’ll have a much easier time selling waterfront property than you would otherwise! Populations change while the amount of great waterfront homes always remains constant.

In the end buyers are looking for a place that will fit their lives, needs and most importantly their budgets. We can help you find a safe place to price your home at, and we’ll be there through the process. Don’t sell your Oakville real estate on your own when we can help you! Everyone’s looking for something different; do you know what they’re looking for with yours?

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