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There’s something to be said for being cautious when it comes to buying Oakville homes for sale; but the important thing is to know what you’re buying before you buy it. By attaching contingencies to your offer you’ll be able to know exactly what you’re getting into. When you choose to work with us as your Oakville luxury realtor we’ll help you decide which contingencies are right for you.

Won’t a Contingency Bid Just Upset a Seller?

It could, but it’s the duty of the seller’s agent (their own Oakville luxury realtor) to explain to them why someone would want to do that. If you want a pre-offer home inspection, for example, the seller’s agent should tell them why this is a good thing. You’ll be able to look over the home and make sure that there isn’t any damage to Oakville homes for sale you’re looking at. If everything is on the up and up your bid will be accepted and the bidding wars will begin. If the seller is angry that you have a contingency bid, they may not be someone you want to deal with.

Contingency Bids Help Sellers

If you’re selling your home, you’d rather have someone pay for a home inspection NOW on their own dime than have you pay for it right before closing. You want someone to know that their heart is in it from the beginning; they’ll be more likely to stick with the process and not back out if they know what they’re getting in to from the beginning.

How Do Contingency Bids Work?

You will need to make an offer on the house, but your Oakville luxury realtor (us!) will add a contingency onto the bid. It could be that the seller will need to clean up and out the house before you move in; it could be that you will pay for a home inspection so you know how much the house is really worth. You’ll need to put up your bid and you can attach an earnest money deposit to your bid, showing that you’re serious about buying Oakville homes for sale. This will usually make the seller a little more agreeable and may make you more attractive even if your offer isn’t the highest.

If you choose to use a contingency pre-offer home inspection or other kind of inspection (energy audit, pest inspector, etc.) know that you’re going to have to almost always pay for this yourself. A few hundred of dollars is a small price to pay to know exactly what’s hiding behind all those nice Oakville homes for sale. But nothing, nothing, is going to beat having an Oakville luxury realtor on your side helping you through the process!

There are many realtors out there, but only the Goodale Miller team is there for you through every step! We have the experience you need to know which houses will make a good home and which just don’t make the cut. Let us help you find the home of your dreams today!

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