Posted 4.29.12 @ 11:20 by: Staff

Knowing what home buyers want is the most important thing you can do to move your home for sale in a timely manner. While each market is its own little world, people are always looking for that one thing that takes a home from acceptable to exceptional.

Fantastic Flooring

Flooring makes the real estate world go round; if you have carpet in your home get rid of it fast. People want hard woods (even though they have no idea the number it’ll do on their heels) that run the gauntlet from bleached blonde to dark chocolate hardwood floors. Vinyl is also an acceptable alternative; just make sure that you avoid carpeting any room in the house.

Wide Open Spaces

While your Oakville property for sale may not have the most open spaces, you can change perception. A new coat or two of white paint can bounce light throughout a room creating a giant space where there once was none. You’ll want to make sure the property is decluttered to ensure a more open feel to the home. From the living room to the bathroom you’ll want to give your prospective buyers the sense of vastness.

Bathrooms Matter

Bathrooms are one of the few places you can pamper yourself; but besides using gold plated fixtures how can you get their attention? The first thing you should know is that you can get more out of good lighting and nice mirrors than you can with expensive tiles. Look at the shower and think about installing an extension arm and a massaging shower head. You want to add all of those personal touches that make a place special. Buyers want to see potential when they look at the property.

Great Closets

Great closets matter when buyers are looking at homes. Melamine shelving in your closet can go a long way towards giving people a good perception. Drawers are also important, and make sure you have rods (metal over plastic every time since all those hangers an get heavy) installed so people can hang their clothing. There are many different ways to accentuate and organize a closet, so don’t be afraid to hire a professional organizer to help you make your closets more attractive to buyers.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Lighting can make the difference between a dark and dank space and a beautiful opulent space worth paying 10% over market price. Brushed nickel studio lighting can do the trick and help you get a beautiful space! People love recessed lighting that doesn’t take up ceiling real estate. It’s one of the most overlooked parts of a home but if you can light up the right parts of a home (each vital station in a kitchen for example) you’ll be able to give buyers exactly what they want.

So if you want to sell your Oakville real estate you’re going to have to cater to the needs of buyers. Show them potential, but avoid showing them hard work and you’ll do great.

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