Posted 1.21.14 @ 8:15 by: Staff

You may have been digging yourself out of the ice for the last few weeks, and it might seem like thoughts about home inspection are months away - but is it ever too early to save money? Probably not, at least that’s how we look at it!

We all count on the information we get from a home inspector to know that we’re getting the home that’s right for us… but did you know that it’s a largely unregulated industry? Did you know that unless they carry certain types of errors and omissions insurance, if they make a mistake it’s on you? Let’s check out a few other facts about home inspectors.

“I’m not going up there.”

Did you know that most home inspectors aren’t going to climb up a ladder to inspect your roof - if they’re willing to inspect the roof at all? You may actually have to hire a roofing inspector to know the condition of the roof, but they might not tell you that ahead of time. Be prepared, ask if they inspect roofs (even if it’s just with a pole mounted camera or binoculars!) and if that costs extra.

“It’s not my problem.”

If your home inspector doesn’t have errors and omissions insurance, it’s time to run the other way. If they skip over something vital (buried fuel tank in the yard, anyone?) or do some damage while they’re looking at the home (that gutter wasn’t on the ground a minute ago…), you could end up liable for the damages. Don’t work with anyone that isn’t covering their buns, because they certainly won’t be able to cover yours when the time comes.

“Me and Bob go way back…”

If you’re finding your home inspector through a referral from your realtor, take a close real look at them. Some realtors just aren’t as scrupulous as we are - they’ll refer you to someone that’s not up to the task, someone that gives them a bigger commission when you pay your fees.

Don’t be afraid to ask about the relationship - are they professional colleagues? How many clients do they refer back and forth between one another, and how much are they making off each other? While they may not want to answer questions like this, it never hurts to find out how much is going on behind the scenes.

“I’m probably not that thorough.”

It’s important to look at a home inspector as someone that’s there to check over the structure of the home - and some are better than others. Some will use UV to detect water damage, others will utilize some pretty high tech tools - but most are going to use pole mounted cameras, flashlights and years of experience working on homes.

This is when it pays to know who is inspecting your home. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or selling, you need a solid professional that’s competent and honest about their findings.

While we can’t help you find the perfect home inspector, we can help you find a great home that fits all of your needs and (most of!) your wants. Give us a call today and see what the Goodale Miller Team can do for you.

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