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Home Buying Blooms in the Spring!

Shops have seasons (unless we’re talking about Amazon), and so do home buyers. Each season has its role in how easy it is to sell real estate, but you also have to consider other factors that affect price. If there are too many homes for sale in Oakville, the market the prices will fall and you might not even get list price. So before you put your house on the market, you need to know when it’s the right time to sell.

Know Buyers Moods

If you’re feeling gloomy in the dark winters, buyers are too. If you’re trying to sell during the holidays towards the end of the year people aren’t going to bite. They’re busy with planning Christmas dinner and chasing the kids on holiday from school. When you want to sell, you want to start in early march when people are feeling hopeful. The buying season will run all the way through the end of August, but after that it starts to go back to sleep. From fall to early spring people just aren’t in the mood to buy a new home.

Get Ready in the Winter

Since people love to buy in spring and summer, you’re going to want to prepare your home during the winter months so you can sell it quickly; some of these issues, like roofing for example, can’t be resolved until the winter thaw. But replacing lead pipes and replacing carpet with hardwood floors can go a long way towards making your Oakville home that much more attractive in a spring light. The bathroom and kitchen are the two most expensive rooms to renovate, but they also give you the biggest returns. You may want to check out small improvements to your home like window cleaning and even a coat of paint a few days before you show your house to prospective buyers. It’s the little things that count.

Know the Spring Oakville Real Estate Market

Oakville real estate and Canadian real estate in general sells best in the spring time. So February, March and April are when the homes will be flying off the market; the average for homes will be 30-60 days during this period, but your mileage may vary. People want to buy homes when the trees are green and the sun is shining, and they want to be done with it by the time the kids are back in school at the end of the summer.

One thing no one ever really talks about with spring home buyers is that the market is flooded with homes for sale. You can always go on the market early in February or keep trying to sell through the fall, but selling a home in the snow is something you should avoid. Let them see your beautiful landscaped spring and summer lawns, where the light is great and they can see the potential of the home!

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