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When you’re shopping for luxury real estate in Oakville, there are many things you need to consider; while location is important, access to amenities, great school districts and the home itself are things that should factor into your decision. Here we’re going to go over everything you need to know to buy the luxury home of your dreams, so keep reading!

Location, Location, Location

Locations are an important factor in buying Oakville real estate. Panoramic views from high rise condos and a great view of Lake Ontario certainly helps, but there are other location specific things to consider. What is the walkability of the neighbourhood like? How long will your commute be between work and the new neighbourhood? Does the area offer entertainment like cinemas, restaurants and nightlife? There are the things that you have to think about before you buy a luxury home. The best of the best should surround you and be accessible.

Great Schools

If you opt for public or private schools, you’ll want to see how they perform. A luxury neighbourhood near bad schools should never be in the picture when you’re home hunting! A member of the Goodale Miller team will be able to help you pinpoint the great neighbourhoods that will match up with your wants and needs for great schools. The best thing is that Oakville boasts some of the best schools and luxury neighbourhoods in the Greater Toronto Area, so you won’t have to look too hard to find the right one.


There’s a reason they’re called amenities, and a luxury home or condo without access to them is no luxury at all. There are many communities that will offer special amenities to their members like health clubs, swimming pools and even community specific dog parks; some may not offer you much in the way of amenities at all, but have amenities nearby and a great location. One thing to keep in mind though is that when you have access to four swimming pools and a gardener twice a week your Home Owner Association’s fees are going to be much higher than they would be otherwise. In the end it’ll be up to you to decide whether the fee for access is worth it or not.

Luxury homes and condos in Oakville can offer resort style amenities to modern and elegant experiences. Whichever suits you best, take amenities, schools and location into account. If your children are past school age and you move into a great school area your taxes may be higher. There are always premiums on real estate with beautiful views and near desirable locations, and easy access to amenities always comes at a price. Finding the balance between these and crafting your own experience to suit your needs can be tricky, but with a member of the Goodale Miller Team on your side you’ll find the home you’re looking for!   

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