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With the changing priorities of today’s homeowners over those in the past, there’s a lot to be optimistic about when it comes to the homes of the future. Here were going to go over some features that will be common within the next 10 to 20 years if not sooner – and if you can expect to see some of these improvements in the next home you buy. Everything from kitchens, sliding glass doors, and even electrical outlets are set for a big change. Let’s see what’s in store.

Hot and Cold

When we think of refrigerators now, we think of the ice box – a relief on a hot day, and something that keeps all the things we love to eat cold. But what about a hot fridge? What if your fridge could pour hot water right out of the faucet, or fresh water and ice, all from the same tap? Real estate is a premium especially in kitchens, so more and more homeowners are going to come to expect more and more from the kitchen. Today for a little over $3000 you can get a refrigerator does all this and filters out pharmaceuticals from your water.

Smokeless fireplaces are also another big thing in real estate. Using bioethanol, a former denatured alcohol, it creates beautiful heat that doesn’t hurt the environment.

Powering the Modern Home

in eastern countries the word powers used for water, not electricity; another major feature of homes of the future will be generators – for $2200 you can get an 18 inch cubic generator that pumps out 2.5 kW the can power your home when you need it. Until the smart grids come online, this may be one of the best solutions for power issues that many homeowners face today.

How many times have you looked for USB plug-ins when you don’t have your computer nearby? More and more power outlets are going to feature USB plug-ins – and they only cost $20. Why spend all that money on the middleman when you can jack your mobile devices right into the wall?

Need a Lift?

Elevators are making a comeback, and if you have $20,000 to spare you can have one in your next home. Materials like glass, metal and skin – if you have the money you can get one for your home. Most of the companies making us today can make them go up to five stories that are ideal for luxury homes for sale to get that competitive edge.

Designer faucets that you everything from since when you’re there to make the coffee via mobile devices are going to be the big thing in the next decade. Just about everything can be customized, and many are using LED temperature lights that let you know when the water gets hot.

Some of these changes will come much more quickly than others – but homeowners, especially luxury real estate homeowners, are going to have a lot more options in the coming future.

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