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Who doesn’t want a beautiful home with a great view of Lake Ontario? But beyond having a great panoramic view, do you know anything about buying real estate in Oakville? Is the market up, is the market down? Are there many homes for sale, and how do you find the right Oakville realtor? In this post we’re going to get into the nitty gritty of buying homes and everything you need to look for. Why wait to get your dream home when interest rates are at the lowest points they’ve been at in decades and so many homes are waiting to be snapped up?

Why Oakville?

When you’re looking at all the suburbs, Oakville really stands out. It has excellent schools, great walkability and many parks and places to go. With the trend in the greater Toronto area for places where people live and wander on foot, you’re going to want a place where your car stays in the garage more. There are many excellent real estate options from Oakville luxury homes for sale to professional community Oakville homes for sale, you’ll always find the right place to hang your hat.

Great Homes at Great Prices

One of the great things about living in Oakville is that you can get a home that was built in the 1940s with marble kitchen counter tops. There are fixer upper homes for sale, and you’ll always be able to find the right fit. The community is as diverse as Toronto itself; neighbourhood shops, jazz festivals and other fun things to do are just a few minutes away.

One of the reasons that Oakville homes are so affordable right now are that there are so many; not enough to crash prices, but enough coming on the market regularly and interest at such low levels that you can get your dream home and a good mortgage. Home ownership is important to Canadians; when times get tough you’ll have equity and something to fall back onto when you need to.

Why you Need the Goodale Miller Team

If you want a good deal on Oakville real estate, you’re going to need a realtor that is local and knows the real estate market. You won’t be shown homes that are too far out of your range (up or down) so you’ll get the best match for you, your budget and your lifestyle. If you’re not looking for a family home there are fun places for singles and child free couples too. Oakville was rated in 2011 as one of the most “liveable areas for professionals” in all of the GTA. To get the best price in the best part of town, contact us today!

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