Posted 8.6.12 @ 10:55 by: Staff

We’re always saying it’s the right time to sell (because it is!), but how do you figure out it’s the right time to sell your Oakville real estate for you? You’ll want to think about your own needs; are you about to retire, have your children left the nest? Are you sick of heating a big house in the winter that you’re not living in? If you’re tired of long commutes or your family is growing, it might just be time to move house. But it’s not just about your personal circumstances, there are other outside factors that can influence your choice.

It’s Easy to Borrow

If you want to be able to find buyers, right now is a great time. It’s projected that interest rates in Canada are set to remain low through 2014, so you’ll be able to find buyers who can borrow more money and pay off their homes faster. With the “Echo Boomers” leaving home and the Baby Boomers selling their homes to find better places to suit their needs, there’s no better time than right now to make sure that you can sell your Oakville luxury homes.

Employment is Steady

The unemployment rate has dropped all over Canada year after year, showing that the economy is strong. As people have more steady employment, they have more disposable income. With more disposable income come the dreams of a home of their own. This is a breeding ground for the perfect home sale; home prices continue to sky rocket and you’ll be able to get a fair price for your property without having to sit on the Oakville real estate market for so long that people become suspicious.

More Buyers than there are Houses

Right now there are more buyers looking for houses than there are people selling them! This makes it a seller’s market (at least in some areas like Oakville) where you’ll be able to get multiple offers on your home and choose. This is also why it’s so important to make sure that you try and price your home in the right range; if you and your neighbour are selling an identical house and one of you tries to get too much, you can lose out on a sale. Just because you have a house people want doesn’t mean you should go overboard on pricing.

Selling Oakville Real Estate is Easier than Ever Before

Selling your Oakville real estate is now easier than it ever has been before. You’ll be able to reach more buyers, but you’ll need the right support behind you to make your home sale profitable. Let us help you from pricing your home to finding the right real estate lawyer. We have years of experience and we know Oakville, we can make sure that you get through the process as quickly and easily as possible! Contact us today and see how we can work for you.

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