Posted 10.13.12 @ 15:45 by: Staff

There are some renovations that will add value to Oakville homes for sale, then there are those that seem like a good idea at the time… but actually drive people away. The bar is set high for real estate, and when it comes to Oakville luxury real estate you’re going to have to meet the needs of house hunters. Here we’re going to go help you tame your eye for beauty; the key is to prevent too much idiosyncrasy from ruining a good home sale.

Kooky Doesn’t Sell

We all have our tastes, and there’s nothing wrong with that… when you’re living there. But if you have a bright pink parlor and you’re trying to sell your Oakville luxury real estate, it isn’t going to go well. Let’s look at a few things you’re going to want to watch out for:

Colours: You’ll want neutral colours wherever you turn in your home; while that crimson coloured backsplash in your kitchen might be fantastic for your needs, others might find it a bit gouache. If you have carpet, consider having it replaced with a neutral colour; the same goes for any walls and fixtures throughout your home. You don’t have to rob the character of Oakville homes for sale to get them sold, but you do want to make them appealing.

Landscaping: There are many ways you can express yourself and sell your Oakville luxury homes for sale… but a 3 meter tall hedge carved into Da Vinci’s David might be a hard sell. It takes hard work and hard money to keep topiary pristine, and one man’s luxury Oakville dream home could be another man’s nightmare. Landscaping should draw people in, but not be so elaborate that it’s a sticking point for why they shouldn’t buy your Oakville real estate.

Waterworks: Pools rarely bring back what you’ve invested in them (with the exception of infinity pools), and while koi pools are fun to look at a buyer may only be thinking about dollar signs when they see them. Not the dollar signs that will be flying into their pocket when it comes time to put this piece of Oakville luxury real estate for sale, but what’s going to fly out of their pocket to maintain it. People looking at Oakville homes for sale are looking for easy maintenance and a blank slate that they can customize to their heart’s content.

Conversions (like a basement into a recording studio) may not be all that great an idea when it comes time to put Oakville homes for sale on the market. Try to keep as much of the original features (master bedroom, garage, basement) intact for buyers who will want them in the future. Mother-in-law cottages can be a great conversion, just know that any major deviation from other pieces of Oakville real estate around you could cost you when it comes time to put it on the Oakville luxury real estate market.

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