Posted 10.10.12 @ 15:40 by: Staff

Homes across North America, not just Canada, are getting smaller all the time; when it comes to Oakville luxury real estate, is less more? Here we’re going to explore the world of smaller homes and a few of the reasons you shouldn’t count them out! Just because a piece of Oakville real estate is a few thousand square feet, does that really make it better? Do you really want a bunch of space, or do you want space designed for modern living?

Homes built in the 40s and 50s were less than 1,000 sqft on average, but many of the Oakville homes for sale that you’ll find today can be double or triple that easily. But even now condo and residential housing sizes are continuing to shrink down in size to more manageable levels. Let’s look at some of the great reasons you should invest in smaller Oakville luxury real estate!

Smaller Luxury Homes Cost Less

We all want luxury, but think about all the heating and cooling costs you’re going to incur in a mini-mansion. How many rooms do you actually need, and why should you have to blow all that money on recurring costs when you can put that money towards your home. Making your piece of Oakville luxury real estate a real home is going to take a lot of time and money, so why waste that heating up rooms you’re not even living in?

Cleaning and maintenance costs will also be a lot lower with these kinds of homes, and this is the very thing that makes smaller Oakville homes for sale so attractive to buyers. If you don’t have to spend that much on maintenance and cleaning, you’ll be able to spend more on decorating and furnishing your Oakville luxury real estate instead!

Simplify Your Life

If you’re thinking about downsizing your next luxury Oakville home, it all starts with a smaller house! Think about what you could do with all that time you don’t have to dedicate to cleaning, organizing; all that boring stuff no one wants to do but has to when they own a bigger home. Why have two living rooms when you can have a gourmet eat in kitchen with spot lighting and a personal home theater for the same price you’d spend on a larger Oakville home for sale?

They’re Easier to Sell

With more and more buyers from Toronto looking at Oakville real estate as an alternative to the skyrocketing housing costs in the city, it’s a good time to sell. Buyers are also more eco-conscious these days, and you’re going to want to be able to present a home with a lower carbon footprint. While few people want to look at the eventual reality that they may not stay in this home forever, it’s good to look towards the future. Smaller Oakville luxury homes are here to stay and they’ll be the future of homes for many years to come.

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