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Notice how you can’t remember your friend’s new phone number but you’re able to remember a Facebook status where that SAME friend spoiled a TV show 8 months ago? Our brains are actually hardwired to digest short snippets of information and memorize things that spark an emotion. Your brain isn’t exactly like a hard drive that remembers everything you’re exposed to; it’s more like a little old man that rearranges all the information and tells you the story that it thinks you should know.

How is microblogging changing our memory?

Microblogging isn’t exactly changing our memory, but it is helping us learn about how it works. Take the little old man story – instead of the mind being a tape recorder that just remembers things, it remembers pictures of things, changing, reshaping over time. A recent DARPA study showed that people actually remember a tiny snippet of something than a 2 hour long movie. The shorter and more poignant the better. People actually remember Facebook posts more than news headlines over the short and long term.

But what does this have to do with real estate?

People are able to better remember short bursts of phrases than they are faces. A picture of a house might seem like a memorable thing in the mind of a buyer, but they might actually remember a memorable description a lot better. Think about how you’re approaching homes for sale (luxury real estate in Oakville or otherwise). What are you focusing on?

If you’re buying properties you’re going to scan the pictures as much as possible. You’re going to see some great places you want to buy, but the more you look at them the more they’re apt to run together. If you find a property you like, WRITE IT DOWN. Use Evernote or another note keeping software, copy down the URL and why you liked it. Keep this list as you’re house hunting and start whittling down until you find JUST the right house.

Start by making your listing memorable.

If you’re selling property, you’re going to have to figure out how to make your listing memorable. Pictures won’t do it, the stunning sentence about how you have “2 bathrooms on 1st floor” isn’t going to bait the hook, what can you do?

You could hire the best Oakville realtors, the Goodale Miller team! But wait, isn’t that us? We’ve had experience selling all sorts of real estate all over town and we know how to make a home memorable. The average buyer looking at homes sees between 10 and 20 houses BEFORE they choose the one they’re going to buy. After a parade that long who is going to remember the banana float 30 minutes in?

You don’t want just anyone listing and showing your home, you want us. We know everything you need to know to get things handled right the first time out of the gate?

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