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If you’re trying to sell your home, you’ve probably heard of MLS. The Multiple Listing Service allows members of CREA (Canadian Real Estate Association) to share information about properties for sale. The use of MLS is confined to CREA’s 98,000+ members; without an Oakville realtor you won’t be able to place your home on the services. You can still post it to online websites, but you won’t be able to post it on

What is MLS?

It’s not just a single service, but a whole host of separate services designed to help Canadian real estate agents buy and sell properties, help with appraisals, and spread the word about properties for sale. This helps disseminate information about a property; everything from square footage, items of note, price, photos and everything else you need to know. This helps both brokers and clients get the most out of the service.

Why Do You Need an Oakville Real Estate Agent?

If you want to put your listing where realtors and buyers are going to look, you’re going to need an Oakville real estate agent. People can’t just list their own homes and this is for a very good reason: fraud.

If someone licensed places incorrect data with the intent to deceive a buyer or seller, they will lose their license and access to the MLS. You can’t take accreditation away from people who don’t have it. You’ll need a member of CREA to help you place your listing on MLS, but this will keep the system running well for everyone. They’ll be able to help you know everything you should put in your listing; The minutia involved in selling a home can be extreme and only a trained professional will know everything that should go on the listing. Let us help you sell your home!

Do You Need MLS to Sell Your Home?

Many home owners want to sell their homes at a total profit, but this doesn’t always work out for them. Would you rather have 100% of a low balled sale, or would you rather pay a professional a nominal fee to get everything done right? Selling a home is hard work and you shouldn’t have to do it on your own.

Think about it this way: would you buy Oakville luxury homes for sale off Craigslist? Probably not, and the audience you want to attract to bid on your home wouldn’t either.

What does an Oakville Realtor Provide?

Other than listing services, we provide many services. We can help you compare homes that have sold or gone on the market recently in your neighbourhood. This will help you avoid unneeded costly upgrades and help you to offer everything that buyers are looking for in your part of town. We’ll help you with recommendations to sell your home, so it moves off the market faster. Don’t do it alone when a member of the Goodale Miller Team can help you get the best price for your Oakville real estate!

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