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Gold makes the world go ‘round – and as precious and rare as it is, there’s a reason the prices are so out of this world. According to recent research, astronomers are now saying that all the gold on Earth, and indeed the universe, is the result of a collision of two neutron stars. While the odds of that happening pretty rare indeed, it only happens once every 10,000 years. We’ve known for years that gold could be synthesized from mercury in a nuclear reactor – but the process is so resource intensive it’s just not worth the time or the money.

Head On Collision

Selling luxury real estate, we’re no strangers to gold – but according to this latest research, the gold in your favorite piece of jewelry is the result of two exotic bodies crashing into one another – of the stellar kind!

The Harvard research team’s research found that gold synthesis happens when neutron stars (which are about 1.5x as large as our sun and only about 16km at their widest point) collide. This rare event happens about once every 10,000 years; when the two stars collide they throw off astronomical amounts of heavy metals, including gold, which will eventually make their way onto another planet.

What makes this interesting is that only about 1% of the star turns into minerals – and even just a fraction of that becomes gold. The gold in the earth’s crust likely came from 2 neutron stars that exploded long before that. The chances of us finding the gold we have is nearly astronomical, luckily when searching for a great home the odds aren’t stacked so high against you.

All that Glitters

So we know it’s precious, but what else do we know?

Gold is the only actual golden metal – some metals can turn yellow when they oxidize (rust) or react with chemicals, but gold is the only one that’s, well, gold!

Gold is Ausome – the element symbol for gold is au from the root aurum (shining dawn in Latin). It’s been known to man to be valuable since prehistoric times. That’s some serious staying power!

Gold is Malleable – 30g of gold can be turned into a thread that’s 8km long; it can be used as a conductor or for embroidery thread. 30g of gold can also be hammered into a sheet of 100m2.

Not so Heavy Metal – Gold is odorless, tasteless, and though it’s a heavy metal, it’s completely non-toxic; the more impure gold is, the more it will taste. 24k gold is pure elemental gold, while 10k gold will be 41.7% pure gold.

Gold has some serious meaning for us, gold standards, gold medals, gold trophies, golden ages – but what’s the point in having all that gold if you don’t have a great home to live in?! If you’re trying to find a great home or sell the one you already own, give us a call today. We’ll help you understand all of your options and be there to guide you every step of the way. 

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