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Selling real estate either goes really well, or really bad. There are so many reasons that a home didn’t sell that it’s important to go through the list so you can spot any problems and move your home off the market quickly. When in doubt, give us a call. We’re experienced Oakville luxury realtors who understand what does and doesn’t work here. We’ll help you evaluate every aspect of your home from price, features and even who is buying in your neighbourhood. This way you’ll have the best chance to get your home sold in the least amount of time.

What Kind of Showing did You Do?

Many don’t even show their homes, but it’s a vital part of the process. While a lot of people know to stage for photos, staging for showings is an entirely different thing. When someone comes to your home as a prospective buyer, they’re looking for three things:

Lifestyle: Everyone is buying a house as a piece of a lifestyle puzzle. Maybe they’re a young family who wants a big beautiful yard and good schools for their kids. Maybe they’re a Baby Boomer looking for a great home at a great price. Whatever it is, you need to know what people are looking for in your area. Make a list of things like what amenities are nearby (entertainment, nightlife, schools, etc.) so you’ll be prepared if anyone asks questions.

Value: Price plays an extremely significant role with buyers; we all look for the better deal and home buyers looking at Oakville real estate are no exception. Pricing your home in a range that matches up with other homes that have sold recently and are for sale now in your area will help you sell! You’ll want to avoid pricing too far above or too far below comparable real estate in your neighbourhood; we’ll help you figure out price when it’s time.

Image: Image and lifestyle play an important role; this is why it’s so important to stage your home before you have a showing. Everything needs to be clutter free and targeted towards the market of people who are buying homes in your area. We’ll help you figure this part of the equation out. Once you know who you’re talking to, you’ll be able to tailor fit the message and get your home sold.

Personal or Professional?

Mixing personal and professional touches are what appeals best to buyers. You’re going to want a professional real estate agent (read: us) to help you show your home, but you may also want to play a part in the open houses too! Lemonade, a cool house in the summer and smiles can go a long way towards a successful sale. Selling your Oakville real estate isn’t just about the furniture inside or the price you put on it, it’s about the experience buyers have working with you. It’s so important to go that extra mile to get your home sold.

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