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Do you know that buyers feel a real sense of urgency when purchasing a home in winter? Yes, that’s right! Though spring might be the peak season for home shopping, buyers are actually more apt to seal the deal during the winter months!

In a recent study, it was found that the selling price actually shoots up in the months of December, January, February, and March. More so, homes that were put up for sale in winter are usually the first ones sold come spring!

This goes to show that if you’re looking to sell and there’s a demand, the best time to have your property be listed for grabs is now! If you do decide to go for it, below are 3 strategies to help you take advantage of the winter home shopping rush:

Right Pricing

Winter is not the time to price low and hope buyers engage in a bidding war. Pricing low can result to you pricing even lower once the season turns and if your property does not sell. The best approach is to price at the current market value. The last thing you’d want is to seem overpriced. Take a look at current list prices and follow suit. This way, you’ll not be out of pocket even if you have to slash a bit off of the asking price if your listing does not sell.

Go for a Home Tune-Up

Folks buying in winter are more attuned to heating and home maintenance issues and concerns. It will do you good to have your HVAC, furnace, and roof inspected before listing your home. Get necessary repairs done, clean gutters, weather strip the windows, and change air filters. This will make your property more desirable and be worth every penny of your asking price.

Speaking of heating and home maintenance, you may want to consider low-cost upgrades such as installing energy-efficient windows and insulating the attic to slash your heating cost and make your home even more attractive to buyers.

Give Your Home More Character

Gray skies and cold dreary snow makes for a not-so-positive first impression. Give your home more appeal by getting some basic landscaping done and adding some winter-friendly plants to brighten up your outdoor space. A coat of paint, a bit of caulk, and some decorating can truly make a space feel warm and lovely. Seasonal touches such as a stack of wood near the fireplace makes for a neutral winter decoration.

Another way of making your home feel more welcoming is by decluttering and depersonalizing your space. You might love looking at your family photos but a prospective buyer may feel like he/she is intruding upon your life surrounded by all your family memories. Buyers would like to see themselves enjoying and living in your space so giving them a neutral yet warm canvass is the way to go. Why not display photos of your home in warmer temperature? Show off the garden in full bloom and the backyard when it’s all green and toasty. Make buyers see how awesome it would be living in your space and they’d surely not let go!

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