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A couple of months ago a 210 square foot home sold for $165,000 in Toronto (after a discount, it was originally priced at $220,000) – affectionately referred to by its neighbours as “the shack” – causing a huge uproar across the GTA. This isn’t the most wild listing out there, either… which begs the question: should you get into a bidding war over a high priced shack or should you commute instead?

We all love being close to work, being in the thick of things, but paying that much money for something half the size of a standard 2 car garage can leave a bitter taste in your mouth. While $165k is a drop in the bucket compared to what you could spend on Oakville luxury real estate, it’s important to weigh the benefits and setbacks you can face living outside the city.

A Place to Call Your Own

It’s no secret that space is at a premium in Toronto and across the GTA, the story above says it all. Instead of the constant, low grumbling traffic outside, instead of a tiny, useless kitchen, Oakville has space and lots of it!

Here you’ll get high ceilings and mature trees, big windows and lots of light – and you won’t have to climb to the 30th floor to get it. Rolling estates, neatly trimmed lawns and as much privacy as you like, with all the fun amenities that make life that much more enjoyable.

It’s Time to Move on to Greener Pastures

Let’s face it, urban living is hectic and harsh – but Oakville is the greenest city in Ontario. It’s dedicated to sustainability, with plenty of green spaces balanced with some of the most luxurious homes across the GTA.

We have the largest Little League in Canada, the Glen Abbey Golf Course, the Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival, home of The Weather Network, Ford and Tim Horton’s. Balancing industry and ecology, it’s just a beautiful place to live.

You can find million dollar mansions along the waterfront, select some virgin land and build your own estate. There are condos, holiday cottages, and so much more. You can get more for less – without sacrificing. As one of the most affluent communities in Canada, it’s a perfect place to get started or start again.

Commuting is a Snap     

It’s a 30km trip in each direction, which isn’t too bad. You’ll spend anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes in rush hour. If your home is close to a GO station you’ll be able to get there without worrying about parking.

While our major cities will always be the heart of culture, we don’t necessarily have to choose to live and play there, do we? Of course not! Oakville offers a full host of lovely options for everyone. From a condo for a young professional to a luxury home or estate with enough room to grow – it has it all. If you’re wondering what Oakville has to offer you, contact us today! 

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