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Have you ever wondered why luxury feels so deliciously indulgent? Why we feel good when we are surrounded by beautiful things and why we love looking at magazines and articles featuring lavish things such as luxury homes, the most expensive food, the most exclusive restaurants and other things of similar nature? Read on below to know more about why we can’t help falling in-love with luxurious interiors.

The Definition of Luxury

These days, the definition of luxury has passed mere price or value. It has taken on a whole new meaning and definition. Most people would now define luxury as a sense of being privileged and being made to feel special. Still, some people define luxury as a feeling of comfort. This is not a surprise though, since as human beings, we are designed to seek comfort.

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Why We Seek and Love Luxury

Being surrounded by what we personally perceive as luxurious makes us think that we are indulging ourselves. It triggers our brains to see that we are being rewarded and thus, we feel self-indulgent. It’s that warm gooey feeling you feel when you look at a beautifully presented dish at an exclusive restaurant and the same feeling you’ve had when your mom told you she’s treating you for ice cream when you were a kid. We can’t help but feel nurtured, loved, and special when we perceive we are getting something we like.


Science Explains Why We Love Luxury

Have you felt excitedly pampered when you are in a room that you perceive as beautiful? It does feel delightfully sinful and perhaps even almost naughty. If you have experienced that, then you are perfectly normal! In a study by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, it was found out that evidence exists regarding how our level of self-interest picks up when we are exposed to luxury items. What the researchers did is to expose half of the participants to less than luxurious brands and the other half was ‘indulged’ with more ‘special’ items. They found out that those who were ‘pampered’ registered more brain activity in the region of the brain associated with self-relevant processing and self- reflection. Who says a bit of ‘pampering’ is a bad thing?


Luxurious Interiors

Speaking of indulging ourselves, it is easy to see why we can’t help but fall in-love with luxurious interiors. Our homes are our sanctuary and where we decompress and wash away all of life’s stresses. We love luxurious interiors because it makes us feel pampered and rewarded for all the work that we do plus reminds us about the good things in life.


Creating a Sense of Luxury

Luxury is a personal thing. Flying via private jet may feel like luxury travel for some while it can feel very commonplace for a multi-millionaire. The same goes with interiors and choosing a home. Some people may see sweeping staircases as a decadent detail while some may see it as having to exert more effort just to get to the bedroom. Some people may think that changing décor every few months is the definition of luxury while some prefers investing on timeless pieces instead. Others may feel that a minimalist house design feels empty while some may see it as clean and sophisticated. Whatever works for you and whatever feels right, that is the ultimate luxury.


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