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Hiring a real estate agent is important, but what’s more important is hiring an expert! When you choose a member of the Goodale Miller team to buy your Oakville real estate you get education and experience, someone to help you filter out bad matches and find the right neighbourhood, and best of all help with pricing homes. There are so many homes on the market that you just can’t find online; you’ll need someone with the professional connections to show you luxury homes for sale that aren’t listed, and even to get in on homes that aren’t listed yet. Why risk it when a professional can help?

How Well Can You Negotiate?

One of the biggest things in sales is that once people walk in the door they often buy. This is why so many home sellers and owners who are looking to rent try to push for you to come by for a viewing. Many people who walk through that door are already prepared to buy, walking in just closes the deal. What you need to ask yourself is how well can you negotiate? Do you know about market conditions, how to compare homes of the same size in the same neighbourhood to make sure you get the right price for your Oakville real estate? Most people just don’t know how, but that’s okay! That’s why we’re here to help you get a good price on the right place.

Do You Know Where You Want to Live?

Everyone is different and our lifestyles shape what neighbourhood is best for us, whether it be North or South Oakvile real estate. Maybe you’re a city dweller who loves walkability in neighbourhoods, or maybe you want a rustic horse stable and a large pasture away from it all. You need an expert (like us!) who can help you find a beautiful place that will give you everything you need, from amenities like cinemas and great nightlife or necessities like local shops and easy access to public transport into Toronto for work. Everyone is different and will have different needs, what you need is a Goodale Miller team agent who has neighbourhood knowledge, understands the market and what area would best suit you and your lifestyle.

Find Your Forever Home

If you want to find your forever home or you just need a home near your job, it’s important to have someone on your side. The other side may have an Oakville real estate agent, but it’s important to hire one of your own who is working towards your own best interests. The difference between a good deal and something that keeps you up at night can be choosing the right real estate agent.

Buying real estate is the largest and perhaps most expensive decision you’ll have to make. Do you really want to do it on your own, or would you rather have one of our professional local experts guide you through the process, help you with paperwork and answer your questions after closing?

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