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The weather may still be cold but you really shouldn’t miss this month’s Bronte Creek Maple Syrup Festival at the Bronte Creek Provincial Park! This annual spring tradition is well-loved in Ontario because of its flowing Ontario maple syrup and delicious bacon, pancakes, and taffy as well as lots of fun!

Bronte Creek Provincial Park’s Natural Heritage Education Specialist Sheila Wiebe couldn’t agree more with the above. She thinks that Bronte Creek’s Maple Syrup Festival is one of the best ways to celebrate Ontario’s heritage. If you’re not yet convinced by this, then be sure to check out the other best reasons below!

Enjoy Early Spring

You’ve probably been staying mostly indoors since winter set in. Now is a great time to kiss cabin fever goodbye and dress warmly to enjoy a whole day of fun outdoors. If you have kids, going to the Bronte Creek Maple Syrup Festival can become a part of your spring family tradition. To date, attendance has reached 52,000 in recent years compared to just 5,000 Ontarians 22 years prior.

Pancakes and Other Treats

Pancakes and plenty of other food items that pair well with maple syrup are also attractions of the festival. You’ll love the maple sausages, probably go home with a stash of maple syrup, and have your fill of maple taffy too!

Get to Be Victorian for a Day

The theme of the Maple Festival this year is the Victorian Farmhouse so you’ll get to see how life was back then. Park staff will be in period costume while telling you stories of how it was to live off the land all those years ago. Your taffy will be made on wood-burning stoves and kids can get to visit farm animals and experience how it feels to play around bales of hay.

Learn About Conservation

This isn’t just an activity for kids. Youngsters and adults alike learn best from experiential learning. This is a good chance to learn why maple syrup is important, how it helped shaped the history of our region, and find a new respect for the industry of sugaring and taking care of maple trees.

Make Maple Syrup Yourself!

Won’t it be fun to collect and make maple syrup yourself? Experience how it is to tap a maple tree, pour hot syrup into a mould, and be a real part of making this truly Canadian staple!

Become a Part of the Community

Joining activities like this will give you a new appreciation for the community you live in as well as have a deeper understanding of its cultural traditions. You’ll gain a new respect for nature and see its beauty with clearer eyes.

The Bronte Creek Maple Syrup Festival runs on all weekends of March 2020 and through the entire March Break. 

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