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Private sales for real estate seem like a great idea: you get to keep more of the profit from your home and who needs an agent anyway… right? Wrong. There are so many things that we can help you with as Oakville realtors! From local market knowledge, how to find the right home for your price range, if you should have a home inspected before buying and all the other things that come with a professional’s help, you don’t want to buy on your own. Here we’re going to go over the benefits of working with the Goodale Miller team, so let’s get started!

What Kind of Home do You Need?

Often we know what we want, but we don’t always know just what we need out of a home. It’s our job as Oakville realtors to make sure that you find the best home to suit your needs. You don’t have to skimp on luxury to find the right house, but you do need to make sure that the neighbourhood and home are the right fit for you. Do you want to be near downtown Oakville, near amenities and transport or do you want to find a little slice of heaven that’s gets you away from it all? Think about how long you want to be stuck commuting each day to work, or how far away from important services like healthcare you can afford to be.

Never Judge a House by Its Picture

When shopping for an Oakville home for sale online, you’ll see a lot of beautiful pictures… but what lies beneath? Do you know if there was a fire or flood recently? Is there a mass exodus from the neighbourhood because of redevelopment? Why are these people selling such a great house? Are the schools any good? Is the infrastructure of the house in good working order (plumbing, heating, roof, etc.)? We can help you figure out if a home is right for you, and go far beyond what is represented in a photo.

Avoid Real Estate Fraud

Avoiding real estate fraud isn’t easy when you deal with private sales; without our help as Oakville realtors you could wind up the victim of fraud. Once you find the right house, we can help you come to an idea of what you should offer on the home, and what to do when your bid has been accepted. You may have to figure out what different terms mean, you may not know what a legitimate home inspection report looks like. When it’s decided that you’re going to buy the home, we can help you find the right real estate lawyer to protect your interests.

Getting the right home means working with a professional; it may be tempting to save a few percent of the home sale by going it alone, but is it worth it? When you want to find your dream home and get it, you want a member of the Goodale Miller team on your side!

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