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The ice storms and difficult weather over this last winter not only cost damage of biblical proportion, but wreaked havoc on tree canopies across Ontario. In the Greater Toronto Area arborists are expecting to have to tend to the weakened branches and trees for many years to come, until they recover.

In Toronto alone it’s been estimated that 20% of the urban canopy was destroyed, something that could take a decade or more to recover. If you’ve been in Toronto lately looking at homes, you may have noticed neighbourhoods that have lost anywhere from 50-80% of their urban canopy.

That all translates into higher utility bills in both the winter and summer, and higher bills to get trees pruned more often.

Damaged Trees Need More Maintenance

Did you know that in Toronto alone there are over 10 million trees? That’s right. 10 million! Only 4 million of these trees are publically owned, which means most of the maintenance and care is going to fall on private home and land owners to pick up the slack.

Even worse, damaged trees require much more maintenance than their damage-free counterparts. Arborist Todd Irvine says that it could take years of careful maintenance to restore a tree to its former glory and strength.

“If you think about soldiers going to war, there are ones that will be killed off, unfortunately, during the war and there are ones that will come back with injuries that require years of care. It’s kind of like that,” said Irvine.

Keep Your Trees

Some homeowners don’t want to deal with the hassles of trees - but they play an important role in our environment here in Southern Ontario. The reason that the GTA has been able to withstand so many of the torrential downpours that we get is because of the trees.

As water hits the canopy it begins to slow down, trees are a natural barrier and lesson flash flooding risk.

Oakville’s Canopy is in a “Good Place”

While Oakville received as much of the ice storms as anyone else in the GTA, it’s been noted that more and more of our urban canopy has survived the storm compared with other communities in the area. The City is still collecting debris from the storm, but for the most part, the situation is getting back to normal.

Oakville Working to Protect Private Trees

Until recently there was no concern about homeowners removing trees (up to 20cm at breast height) and up to 4 trees each year. But with the canopy still on its way to recovering, this may soon change. Either way, it’s always good to think of the future. With severe weather always a threat on the horizon and the threat of the Emerald Ash Borer, it’s a good step in the right direction.

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