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How meticulous are you when it comes to your ice? If you’re a discerning connoisseur of certain types of liquor and is very particular about the way they are served, then this post is for you.

Not Your Ordinary Ice

What is ice? Ice is simply frozen water, right? Well, yes and no. You see, what we know as ice from the fridge is not as pure you think it is.

Ever noticed how at least half of your normal ice cubes are opaque? That’s because tap water and even bottled water can contain some impurities – such as traces of some minerals. These minerals are not necessarily bad but since they are classified as ‘impurities’ they can affect the taste of whatever you place them in or use them for.

If you have a thousand dollar bottle of luxury scotch, you surely wouldn’t want to ‘ruin’ it with inferior ice. We do not mean to sound snobby, but hey, if a shot of your special scotch runs around $50, then you would surely want to enjoy it in its most pure and best form. This is where you need the best ice possible.

Enter Gläce - handcrafted luxury ice being sold by the American company Gläce Luxury Ice Co. Their ice is so pure and special that it is claimed to improve the taste of drinks despite having no taste of its own.

Ice Fit for a Queen

Despite its chilling price, the ice being sold by Gläce at a price of about $7.5 or £5 per cube have lots of willing customers from the time it was introduced to consumers in 2013. With its success in the continental U.S., Gläce founder Roberto Sequeira seeks to conquer the ice-love of Europe’s discerning elite starting with the United Kingdom. Surely, with all the aristocrats and billionaires in Europe, the special ice cubes priced at $325 (£194) per bag of 50 will not run out of customers.

Why Are They So Special?

When you buy these special ice cubes, you’ll get a perfect cube which measures 6 centimetre or 2.5 inches in each side. Perfect for serving scotch on the rocks. The ice is perfectly clear and will take up to 30 to 40 minutes before melting away in your drink. Because the ice was cooled in a special way and is made from the purest water, you can be rest assured that your drink will taste best when you use Gläce to chill it.

Want to know what goes best with some high-end drink served over some very expensive ice cubes? Sipping them in the comfort of your own luxury home of course!

Complete the luxury-living set-up by making sure you got an elegant luxury home for entertaining with the world’s most expensive ice cube. Better yet, use Gläce ice cubes to serve drinks with at your Oakville luxury home house-warming party. Contact us to find such a home in Oakville. Whether you are looking for a high-end condominium, a waterfront villa, or a mansion on a sprawling estate, we got them all for you.

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