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Summer is near its end and we’re now on the beginning of the busy fall and holiday season up ahead. How ready are you and how ready is your home? We’ve picked up a list of 10 things to get done this August for you so you’d have more family time to enjoy come fall.

Clear the Kitchen for Easy Cooking

August Home Checklist

The coming months will be very busy and the brunt of all this business is often felt in the kitchen. Store away BBQs and picnic baskets and refresh your pantry to have what you will be needing come fall. Now is the time to throw away expired goods and maybe give meal planning a try.

Take Care of Family Photos

August Home Checklist2

Or any photos gathered during spring and summer. Compile them in folders if they are digital copies or make a beautiful collage if they are printed ones. This is one less thing to worry about when you’re busy in the weeks ahead.

Clean and Organize Closets Before Shopping

August Home Checklist3

This is especially true if you have children because they may have already outgrown their clothes and need new ones. Bonus is you can donate clothes at a local shelter or institutions that accept used clothing.

Take Care of Summer Gear

August Home Checklist4

There is no reason for swimsuits and boogie boards to be out if you will not be using them until next year. Now would also be the time to throw away broken toys and shop for things that needed to be replaced while the end of season sales are ongoing.

Update Emergency Kits

August Home Checklist5

Disaster and emergency supplies do not last forever and need to be replaced as needed. Check if medications are still usable, if flashlights work, if you have enough batteries, if you have provisions for first aid, and if the food is still good. In case you still do not have an emergency kit, now would be the time to prepare one.

Create a Shared Family Calendar

August Home Checklist6

Busy months are really up ahead. You surely won’t want to miss out on important dates more so for your kids. A family calendar will help you keep organized and informed. This can be a physical or a digital calendar so just go with whatever your family is more comfortable with.

Get Outdoors Projects Done

August Home Checklist7

The last thing you want is have a half-finished deck by the time the cooler months roll in so be sure to take advantage of the long days of the remaining summer weeks to finish off outdoor projects. This includes planting, weeding, cleaning the gutter, and making sure that outdoors repairs are addressed.

Get Your Garage or Shed Organized

August Home Checklist8

This project is likely to take an entire weekend so be sure that you schedule this. Plan ahead and take out the things that can be given away or donated so you will have more space to work with. Throw away anything that can’t be used anymore and put the rest back in an organized manner. You’ll thank yourself come winter when you won’t have to shuffle through a disorganized garage to look for things you need.

Get Some Real Rest and Relaxation

August Home Checklist9

You need to recharge so you would have the energy to forge through the coming months. A little bit of do–nothing time will be appreciated by your body.

Clean Floors and Carpets

August Home Checklist10

This may sound like something that there is no need for but starting the colder months with a really clean home beginning with the floors and carpets will make a difference when you’re cooped up inside and cannot go out. More so, some professional cleaning services usually offer discounts by the end of summer!

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