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This month is when we usually celebrate a lot of holidays and host gatherings with family and friends. That’s why your home should be at its best! Roll up your sleeves and get your home winter ready with the checklist below to Ensure hassle-free holidays in the coming weeks by rolling up your sleeves and using this checklist to get your home December-ready. Then you’ll have more time to cozy up with your delicious mug of hot cocoa.

Decorate and Spread Some Love!

December Home Checklist

Now is the best time to start your holiday decorating and letting go of what you don’t think you’ll still want to be around. If you’ve got decorations that you may not feel like putting up again, you can donate them or give them away to charity. Isn’t that what the season of giving is about?

Check Your Emergency Supplies

December Home Checklist2

December can also mean stocking up for the winter ahead, and it never hurts to be prepared for emergencies. Make sure you got a first-aid kit, a hand-cranked radio, batteries, extra food, and copies of important documents in a safe place.

Brace Yourself for Winter Storms

December Home Checklist3

No matter how severe the winter is where you live, making sure that you have a full pantry and got a stash of bottled water is a must. If it snows in your area, you better mark the sides of your driveway and other areas with reflective poles plus keep a good supply of candles at hand.

Disconnect Outdoor Water Supply

December Home Checklist4

If you’ve got garden hoses outside, now is the time to disconnect them and let any water left to drain out. This will prevent damage to your hoses and protect your outdoor water supply pipes.

Check Your Home Security

December Home Checklist5

Whether or not you’re traveling over the holidays, it’s a good idea to install timers for your interior lights as well as have a trusted neighbor who can get your mail in times of emergencies or when you have to be away for a while. Having some motion-sensing lights outside is not only convenient but will also deter burglars. If you’re going to be vacationing, it would also be a great idea to have a service to plow or shovel your walkways to make it look like someone is at home as well as make your return more pleasant.

Set up a Place for Coats, Scarves, and Boots

December Home Checklist6

A coat closet would be great, but if you do not have the space, installing some coat hooks would be just as fantastic. Adding a bench, a small basket for mittens and hats, and a tray for boots will make your home more organized and inviting as well.

Get Your Guest Room Guest-Ready

December Home Checklist7

Whether or not you’re expecting some folks to stay with you in the coming weeks, prepping your guest room now will avoid any frenzied rush to get it visitor-ready later. Have fresh sheets, extra pillows, a fluffy rug, maybe even an extra robe. You’ll never know who you might end up hosting this holidays!

Get Yourself Holidays-Ready

December Home Checklist8

Gift-giving season means you’ll be wrapping a lot of gifts so you better have your mini gift wrapping station ready. Make sure to balance your holiday commitments, don’t expect too much, and set your mind into enjoying this time of the year. You’ll thank yourself later for this.

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