This community is made up of the Village of Bronte as well as the neighbourhoods that have been developed to the west of the village in the past 30 years. Waterfront properties and others south of Lakeshore are significantly more expensive than the average home in the area.


100 years ago. Bronte was a town prior to becoming part of Oakville.

Noted For

The Harbour. Oakville’s other “downtown”.

Perfect For

Retirees or semi-retirees. Some of Oakville’s best condos, good restaurants and nice places to walk are in Bronte.

Prevailing House Style

Good selection of condo apartments. Bungalows built in the 50s and 60s on 60' x 125' lots.

Prevailing Trends

Redevelopment: New lakeside condo towers in The Shores and Bluewater. Tearing down and building new homes within walking distance of the Harbour.

The Market

Building lots $550,000 - $700,0000. New homes starting at $1,400,000. Lakeside condos from $400,000 - $2,000,000.

You'll Fall in Love With

The water. Bronte offers the most public access to the lake.

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What to Expect

Interested in homes in Bronte?

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