This community is made up of the Village of Bronte as well as the neighbourhoods that have been developed to the west over the last 30 years. Waterfront properties and locations south of Lakeshore are of tremendous value. Bronte Village is one of the oldest communities in Oakville and was its own Town prior to joining Oakville.


1834 as a standalone Town prior to becoming part of Oakville.

Noted For

The Harbour and its heritage.

Perfect For

With a resurgence in development and infrastructure, Bronte attracts retirees and young families and professionals alike looking for luxury condos or townhomes as well as new custom homes. Those that enjoy easy access to local shops and restaurants and the harbour.

Prevailing House Style

Good selection of condos, small subset of townhomes, refreshed bungalows and new custom builds.

Prevailing Trends

Luxury condos The Shores and Bluewater and new builds replacing original bungalows. The Harbour is a central attraction.

You'll Fall in Love With

The water. Bronte offers the most public access to the lake.

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What to Expect

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